Friday, May 31, 2013

For FSM National Government employees in Pohnpei only, be careful

When normal government work period is interrupted by power outage, what should employees do?

a) go home, no use to stay around;

b) go home and come back when power is restored to cover lost workhour(s)

c) stay and wait for power to come back, then cover the hours lost by outage;

d) make use of your government hours somehow around your office then go home at regular clock out time -- be resourceful!

e) whatever!

Which category have you been applying? Like today, Friday, the power went out around 2-ish and didn't come back until around 5:30. What did you do?

Power scheduling is no stranger. 


  1. If there is no power, then employees should be excused and go home. When the power is out, the water will possibly stops and then the bathrooms won't be able to flush...."Employees right, Live Hygienically." Admin Leave... I say stick with "(a)" and lets help solve the issue.

  2. in micronesia, running water does not stop when the power goes out. so i would say, employees should do tasks that do not require electricity, such as filing, light cleaning inside the office, pick up trash outside the office or just clear and arrange that cluttered desk.