Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Speaker Halbert wants "different meeting arrangement" leading to State of the Nation Address

FSMIS (May 23, 2013): A day for President Manny Mori is to deliver the State of the Nation address to Congress and the rest of the Nation, Speaker Dohsis Halbert assembles the technical staff from Congress Office and the President's Office to jointly put in the last "set up" details.

For starters, the address will be preceded by a song from the Our Lady of Mercy Church International Group and a scripture reflection by Fr. Julio Angkel, Vicar of the Vicariate of Pohnpei and Kosrea in the Catholic Church.

The final planers include Congress Office Administrator, Mr. Suda S. Rayel, Mr. Lam Tang, Legal Counsel, Mrs. Liwiana Ramon Ioanis, Chief Clerk, and the Congress PIO staff:  Dayston Roby and Andy Choor. Senator David W. Panuelo offers valuable inputs from Members' view, along with the Speaker himself.

Chief of Staff, Mr. Leo Falcam Jr. leads the crew from the President's Office involving Mr. Pelsasar Petrus, Special Assistant to the President on Administrative Affairs and Marcellus J. Akapito, Special Assistant to the President on Public Information.

Arrangement have been made to have live radio broadcast of the President's address throughout the FSM with assistance from FSM Telecom and two radio stations in Pohnpei. Telecom also has the capacity to stream such broadcast through the Internet for net users.

Including a biblical reflection and having songs to accompany the State of the Nation address is a new creative arrangement in the program.

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