Monday, June 3, 2013

President Mori receives Rear Admiral Tilghman D. Payne

From May 27-28, Commander of the Naval Forces Marianas, Rear Admiral Tilghman D. Payne, visited Pohnpei State and attended the Memorial Day ceremony held at the Pohnpei International Airport, commemorating FSM’s fallen heroes who have died in action while in the service of the US Armed Forces. During the visit, the Rear Admiral also met with the FSM government leadership.

On May 27, Rear Admiral Payne paid a courtesy calls on President Emanuel Mori and Speaker Dohsis Halbert.

During the courtesy call on the President, President Mori acknowledged and complimented the efforts by the US Embassy in organizing and arranging the Memorial Day Event. President Mori also thanked the Rear Admiral for the unique relationship between the US and the FSM, which enables FSM young men and women to join the US military. He indicated that the history of the relationship between the two countries began pre-Compact Treaty, and regardless of the challenges faced by the two countries, the relationship remained strong. President Mori pointed out that the Compact assistance from the US is appreciated, but posed as a challenge when it comes to implementation. The President and the Rear Admiral also exchanged views and comments on other issues such as maritime security, search and rescue and the budget issues in the US, among others.  Rear Admiral Payne was accompanied by Ambassador Rosen to the courtesy call on President Mori along with staff from the Embassy. Attending the meeting from the National Government were Secretary Lorin S. Robert, Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr. and staff from the Department of Foreign Affairs.   
The Rear Admiral also went on a tour of the Pohnpei State Hospital and was accompanied by Lt. Governor Marcello Peterson, US Ambassador Doria Rosen, Acting Director Paulino Rosario of the Pohnpei State Hospital and officials from the National Government, Pohnpei State and the US Embassy.

On May 28, before departing the FSM, Rear Admiral Payne visited the FSM Maritime Wing whereby a presentation on the FSM Patrol Boat Program was delivered by Commander Geoff Hart-Davies, an Australian Navy advisor to the Maritime Wing.
In his capacity as a Commander of the Naval Forces Marianas, Rear Admiral Payne also holds the positions of a US Defense Representative for Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of Palau, and Commander of the Joint Region Marianas.

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