Thursday, July 23, 2015

Eugene Pangelinan as new Executive Director of NORMA

Mr. Eugene Pangelinan is the new head of the Federated States of Micronesia’s National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA) after his predecessor, Mr. Patrick Mackenzie, resigned from the Executive Director post to pursue other interests.  Mr. Eugene Pangelinan brings to the executive directorship 26 years of NORMA experience and dedication.

As Execuitve Director, Mr. Pangelinan will take over responsibilities for the management of NORMA, the regulatory authority established to oversee the ocean resources within the FSM’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone (EEZ), including regulation of the deep sea fisheries activities and conservation measures within the FSM’s EEZ.  The Executive Director works under the direction and guidance of a five -member board appointed by the president and confirmed by congress.

President Peter Christian expressed his appreciation of Mr. Pangelinan’s decision to accept the leadership helm of NORMA.  “It was a difficult decision to make,” asid President Christian of Mr. Pangelinan, who was declared a candidate for the Pohnpei State Gubernatorial Election and had actually begun his campaign.  “There may be good people out there who could become good at the business of running our most imporatant national asset, but there can’t be any missteps or lost-time in diligent management of NORMA.  Mr Pangelinan is here. He knows the business, and I am glad he made the decision in favor of the Nation’s interest, and we thank him for that. We also thank his supporters.” 

Friday, July 17, 2015

United Flight Attendants take action in Guam

July 17, 2015,  – It was announced that about 300 flight attendants for United Airlines rallied up in a common fight for contract fairness. The flight attendants and fellow supporting employees launched an informational demonstration in front of the AB Won Pat International Airport in Guam yesterday at 5pm, to protest the terms of their contracts.

This course of action demonstrated that United Airlines, a leader in the airline industry, has consistently delayed negotiations of a fair contract with its flight attendants.  Reportedly, the Spokesperson for CNMI Association of Flight Attendants, Cynthia Iverson announced that there is still room for progress and agreement terms for wages, working conditions and benefits.  Flight Attendants represent the front line first responders to a wide range of in-flight incidences, ranging from infant deliveries, to life threatening emergencies, and everything in between.  They are a professionally trained workforce seeking contract terms and benefits equal to their expected levels of performance.  Since the merging of United Airlines and Continental Airlines five years ago, the Airlines and the Association of Flight Attendants has yet to come to a contract agreement.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

FSM weightlifter wins gold at Pacific Games

By Jim Tobin
Monday, July 06
Port Moresby, PNG
A few hours ago, on Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Manuel Minginfel, famous Olympic weightlifter from Yap competed in his fifth Pacific Games (formally known as the South Pacific Games).  At age 37, he is the oldest athlete competing in Weightlifting at the games.
Minginfel completed in the 69kg division with 11 other lifters from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, PNG, Kiribati, Guam, Tuvalu and Nauru. This is the first Pacific Games that Australia and New Zealand have participated in.
Amazingly, Minginfel won 2 gold medals in the Snatch and Overall Weight, and a silver medal in the Clean & Jerk.  His Snatch lift was 120kg, Clean & Jerk was 156kg and total weight was 276kg.
Minginfel has been training the past few months in New Caledonia at the Oceania Weightlifting Institute, trained by world famous coach Paul Coffa.  After Minginfel won gold today, Coffa stated – “the old man did it – he beat the young guns again”.  Minginfel was not a favourite to win the gold medals.  His FSM coach Ronald Etscheit stated before the competition started this morning – “TEAM FSM and I just hope that Manuel will win a medal. We are all very proud of him”.
Manuel's first appearance at a Pacific Games was at the Mini Games in Pago Pago in 1997.   Since that time, he has competed in every single Pacific Games and Mini Games, winning a total of 21 gold medals and 6 silver medals.  The FSM National Olympic Committee is working with the Pacific Games Council to confirm if Minginfel now holds the record for winning the most gold medals by an athlete in the history of the Pacific Games.
Minginfel was awarded a Rio 2016 Olympic Games athlete training scholarship in January 2015 and will continue to try to qualify for next year’s Olympic Games.

2015 Pacific Games events began on Friday, July 03 and will continue until July 18.  More releases with updates on Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Track and Field and Boxing will be forwarded. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Team FSM: Pacific Games Openning Ceremony

By Jim Tobin
Sunday, July 05
Port Moresby, PNG 
After years of preparation by Papua New Guinea and thousands of Pacific regional athletes, the 15th Pacific Games opening ceremony was held Saturday night, July 4, in the nation's capital, Port Moresby.
TEAM FSM, from the Federated States of Micronesia, was one of 23 Pacific island countries and territories that marched at the opening ceremony.  The flag bearer for TEAM FSM was famous Olympic weightlifter Manuel Minginfel, from Yap.  TEAM FSM is composed of 42 athletes, coaches and manager competing in Weightlifting, Boxing, Swimming, Track and Field, Tennis and Soccer (Football).
Artistic director of the opening ceremony, Airleke Ingram, said the opening ceremony was a celebration of Papua New Guinea's rich cultural history, while pointing to the country's future direction. The sing-sing performances were part of a cast of 3,000 performers and almost 300 ceremony staff.
Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Great Britain welcomed all 23 Pacific region island countries and territories.  "I wish everyone 2 successful weeks of sport. Good luck to all the competitors. Congratulations Port Moresby," he said.
On Monday, July 6, Minginfel, the FSM best hope of winning a medal, will compete in the men’s 69kg Weightlifting category.  Manuel's first appearance at a Pacific Games was at the Mini Games in Pago Pago in 1997.   Since that time, he has competed in every single Pacific Games and Mini Games, winning a total of 19 gold medals and 5 silver medals.
2015 Pacific Games events began on Friday, July 03 and will continue until July 18.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Pacific Partnership visits Pohnpei

Kicking off its second visit of Pacific Partnership earlier last week, on June 25th, Federated States of Micronesia Vice President Yosiwo George visited three public schools in Kitti and Madolenihmw where the partnership mission is currently conducting assistance and support.

Reflecting the longstanding relations between the United States and the FSM, the Pacific-Partnership mission that begun earlier last week, have been providing medical, dental, veterinarian care and infrastructure development projects at school grounds where military personnel and volunteers are repairing and renovating school facilities.

In addition to the joint effort in humanitarian assistance, a team of medical, dental, engineering and veterinary personnel and NGO volunteers are working collectively together with local
professionals in support of the mission’s objectives. The USNS Millinocket vessel that deployed from Pearl Harbor late May, has been scheduled for a two-week mission visit in Pohnpei, which arrived in the host nation on June 21.

Along with US Ambassador Doria Rosen, Vice President George thanked the engineering personnel at Lukop Elementary School and Rohi Elementary School and the team of medical professionals at Madolenihmw High School for providing treatment and medical aid. The Vice President expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the involvement and humanitarian outreach being provided to the FSM.