Monday, May 27, 2013

President Mori informs State Governors on 2013 HIES Survey throughout FSM

FSMIS (May 27, 2013): The FSM Household Income and Expenditure Survey will be conducted in all the States for a period of one-year, beginning July 11, 2013.

“Unlike the HIES conducted in 2005 where it was carried out over three weeks, this 2013 HIES will be conducted over a period of one year. The main purpose for extending the survey period to one year is to enable capturing of seasonal expenditure. This will provide a more accurate picture of living standard in the FSM”, President Mori states in his May 23 letters to the State Governors.
Apart from revealing income and expenditure distribution, the survey will provide information on home production activities for both goods and services;  nutritional and food consumption patterns; up-to-date data for poverty analysis of FSM households; Consumer Price Index (CPI) re-basing to be comparable with other Insular Areas; and progress in other commitments such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
President Mori seeks the support of the Governors in ensuring their people’s cooperation in bringing about a successful survey for everyone’s benefit.
“As authorized under Public Law 5-77, all information collected through the HIES survey will be kept strictly confidential and shall only be used for statistical purposes.”
For further information, contact Mr. Mathew Chigiyal, Assistant Director for Statistics at the Office of SBOC at 320-2823 or the Manager of the Pohnpei Branch Statistics Office at 320-6590.

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