Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Eighteenth FSM Congress delegation meets with President Mori at the start of first session

Executive Branch on the left, Legislative Committee on the right
FSMIS (May 14, 2013): In the morning of May 13, a Congressional Special Committee met with President Manny Mori as the new Eighteenth FSM Congress began its first session after getting organized on May 11.
The Special Committee composed of Senator Yosiwo P. George, Chairman, Senator Joseph J. Urusemal, Senator Peter M. Christian and Senator Wesley W. Simina.
In opening the meeting, President Mori welcomed the committee and extended his congratulations to the Eighteenth FSM Congress and its new leadership who have assumed their various posts as a result of decisions undertaken last Saturday – the first day.
President Mori expressed appreciation for the provision of $2.5 million made during the last special session (April 29-May 6) which will provide for the upgrade and improvement of airports throughout the FSM, including outer island airports.
Additionally, the President informed the committee that he intended to submit to Congress a list of outstanding fiscal year 2013 budget requests that have yet to be given funds. The details pertaining to these funding requests would be subsequently transmitted to Congress in the next few days pending updated verification of available funds for the remainder of the fiscal year by the Department of Finance and Administration.
Furthermore, the need to continually invest in the FSM Trust Fund primarily for environmental disaster purposes was also raised along with some exchanges regarding the President’s preference to make available “set aside” funds to enable other investment activities as may be determined leading up to 2023.
President Mori also informed the committee that he would travel off-island for medical checkup beginning May 14. For this reason, he indicated his desire that the invitation for the President to address the Congress during this session on the “State of the Nation” be flexible in terms of timing in consideration of probable scheduling constraints and to accord the President the opportunity to make the address at a later session, if necessitated.

Among a number of comments made by the committee, Chairman George thanked the President for his time and assured that Congress was ready to undertake its tasks this session. He also commented on the recent investment symposium and inquired whether Congress would receive its outcome report or related matters.

Other Members made inquiries and requests relating to their specific Standing Committee jurisdictions, stressing the need for departments to be fully equipped with information that facilitate the conduct of budget hearings for both fy13 supplemental requests and the starting of fy14 budgetary meetings.

With regards the President’s medical trip, the committee pointed out that Officials’ responsibilities to the Nation are highly important at the same time also highlighted that personal health and wellbeing must remain their primary concern.
President Mori was joined by Vice President Alik L. Alik and members of the cabinet and staff.

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