Saturday, September 29, 2012

American Jewish Committee and FSM Strengthen Ties

New York, NY (September 28, 2012) - In what has become an annual tradition, a Micronesian delegation led by President Emanuel Mori and a leadership delegation of the American Jewish Committee (AJC) met Tuesday on the sidelines of the United Nations General Debate. This year President Mori expressed his appreciation for AJC’s friendship and past support, provided updates on past projects, and outlined future challenges. He was accompanied by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin Robert, Ambassador to the United Nations Jane Chigiyal, and Ambassador to the United States Asterio Takesy.
FSM and AJC have a long-standing relationship, and AJC often facilitates events and meetings that strengthen the triangular partnership between FSM, Israel and the United States. Examples of AJC’s support include arranging technical cooperation for the operation of two hemodialysis units in Chuuk and organizing a 2010 trip to Israel by President Mori.
The relationship between FSM and AJC was kindled and has been sustained by shared Judeo-Christian values and tradition. Because FSM is predominately Christian, many citizens develop an interest in Israel stemming from reading about the Holy Land in the Bible. President Mori stated that, for these reasons, a number of Micronesians have expressed a keen interest in visiting Israel themselves. For their part, AJC members display growing knowledge of FSM, and, to further raise awareness, it was proposed by an AJC delegate that a future AJC conference include a discussion of issues related to FSM.
During the meeting, the parties also discussed the relationship
between FSM and the United States, including the current five-year
review of the Compact of Free Association. The AJC delegation,
led by Ambassador Aaron Jacob, reassured the President that it is
following the situation with regard to U.S.-FSM relations. Noting
that AJC values its relationship with FSM, Ambassador Jacob
further stated that the organization will continue to track issues
important to FSM, including Compact-related concerns and
technical assistance needs.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rarotonga: college student dancers at 2012 PIF opening

43rd Pacific Island Forum Leaders Meeting opening ceremony at National Auditorium, Rarotonga, Cook Islands --- August 27 - 31, 2012.

PM Puna summoned in traditional way at Pacific Forum Opening

From the eldest to the youngest, the Cooks exhibited mastery and pride in their display of culture and traditions in the way they hosted the rest of the Pacific at the Pacific Forum Leaders meeting about a month ago. In this video, the young chanter won the hearts of the visitors as he conducted the chant in summoning Prime Minister Henry Punu to his rightful place at the opening of the forum. Many island cultures have similar welcome rituals for dignitaries. But, it seems almost uncommon to see young boys doing the lead role, something readily reserved for a few elders.

Thursday, September 27, 2012




Invitation of Bids

Contract NCB/DTC&I/CHUUK/TA/001:



1. The Government of Federated States of Micronesia has limited funds from the FSM Congress Funded

Project towards the Rehabilitation of Dock and Airstrip Runway of TA Island in Chuuk State,FSM. Funds may

be used for payments under the contract NCB/DTC&I/CHUUK/TA/001: TA DOCK AND AIRSTRIP


2. Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure (DTC&I) of the Government of

Federated States of Micronesia on behalf of the Chuuk State Government invites bids from qualified and

experienced contractors for the DOCK AND AIRSTRIP UPGRADING WORKS IN TA,CHUUK STATE. The site

of works is located in TA Island,Chuuk State,Federated States of Micronesia. The work consist of :

Construction of Compacted Coral layered Dock approximately 200 lf in length by 12 lf wide

and 6 lf height with side sloped gabion wire protection wall to be connected to the existing

dock structure.

Extension of Existing concrete paved runway, at East End approximately 350 lf x 50 lf as per

scope of work as shown in the plan.

Extension of Existing concrete pave runway, at West End approximately 1300 lf x 50 lf as per

scope of works as shown in the plan.

3. National Competitive Bidding(NCB) will be conducted in accordance with FSM Financial Management

Regulation. One Envelope Bidding Procedure with post qualification of contractors and is open to all qualified


4. Interested bidders must demonstrate their ability to undertake the above mentioned works and meet the

criteria as set out in the bidding documents and include:

Minimum average annual turnover of US$ 1.0 million calculated as total certified payments received for

contracts in progress or completed, within the last three years.

Participation as contractor, management contractor, or subcontractor, in at least two contracts within

the last three (3) years, each with a value of at least US$ 1.0 million that are successfully or

substantially completed and that are similar to the proposed project.. The similarity shall be based on

the physical size, complexity, methods, technology or other characteristics.

5. To obtain further information and inspect the Bidding Documents bidders should contact:

Mr. Phillip Joseph

Assistant Secretary, (DTC&I)

Dept of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure

PO Box PS-2; Palikir

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

Telephone: +691-320-2865

Mobile : +691-931-5693

Fax : +691-320-5853

Email :

6. Bidding Documents can be obtained from following sources.



By e-mail request to Mr. Phillip Joseph, Assistant Secretary Department of Transportation, Communication

and Infrastructure (at the contacts above) giving the details of the company, company name and address , email

address, contact person name and telephone and fax number. This is for record keeping of the parties

that collected the bid documents and also to keep the bidders inform of any addendum to the bid documents.


Hardcopies of the bid documents can also be obtained from the office of Mr Phillip Joseph, Assistant

Secretary Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure (at the contacts above) by writing

or by e-mail or calling at his office in person with a request letter giving the details of the company, company

name and address, e-mail address, contact person name and telephone and fax number. There is a payment

of US Dollars 50 for hard copies if collected by hand and additional payment of US Dollars 100 if the

documents need to be posted/ couriered.

7. Pre-bid Conference. A pre-bid conference and site visit is scheduled for 2:30 pm on 24 SEPTEMBER

2012 at the Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure in Palikir, Pohnpei State.

Attendance at the pre-bid conference is not mandatory but is encouraged. Parties wishing to attend the pre-bid

conference are requested to confirm their attendance before 21 SEPTEMBER 2012 by email addressed to

Mr.Phillip Joseph (email address:

8. Submission of bids:

a) Bids must be received by the Assistant Secretary, Dept of Transportation, Communication and

Infrastructure by 2:30pm on 08 OCTOBER 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted and will be returned to

the Bidder unopened.

b) Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope marked: “NCB/DTC&I/CHUUK/TA/001: “TA DOCK AND


Mr Francis Itimai

Secretary, (DTC&I)

Dept of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure

PO Box PS-2; Palikir

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM)

c) A refundable bid security of 5% of the submitted bid(whole works) must be attached to the bid. The bid

security may be in the form of: (i) an unconditional bank guarantee, or (ii)an irrevocable letter of credit, or(iii) a

bank check made payable to the Government of Federated States of Micronesia. Personal and company

checks will not be acceptable.

9. The Employer will not be responsible for any cost or expense incurred by the Applicants in connection

with the preparation and / or delivery of their bids.

_______________ _______________



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

President Mori signs FSM Regulations for implementing the Montreal Protocol

 FSM Information Services (September 25, 2012): On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, President Manny Mori, on September 19, signed the FSM Regulations that define ways for FSM to implement the purpose of the protocol.
As one of the Parties to finally put the international initiative to work at home, the FSM, through the Office of Emergency and Environmental Management (OEEM), routed the regulations for public input and comment through various public media and places the past several weeks before calling on the President for final adoption.

Although it has taken the FSM 25 years before implementing the protocol, Ms. Artie Aubrie, representative of the United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) witnessing the signing, said that the FSM has been playing a leading role in advancing environmental issues on the global scene with regards climate change and other environmental degradations.
In a brief statement, President Mori highlighted FSM’s role in the global efforts in phasing out ozone depleting chemicals in a larger effort of restoring the unseen ozone layer to ensure a habitable planet for future Micronesians.

The FSM Regulations, entitled “To protect the ozone layer in compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances that deplete the Ozone Layer” is accessible on

For more information, please contact OEEM at 320-8814 or write

Pohnpei Governor invited to welcome participants at FSM Development Partners Forum

FSM Information Services (September 25, 2012): In a letter dated September 21, President Manny Mori extended invitation to Governor John Ehsa of Pohnpei State to participate in the upcoming FSM Development Partners Forum, scheduled for November 7-8, 2012 in Pohnpei.
Since a year ago, President Mori had indicated his intention to organize a first ever forum with all development partners to discuss developmental challenges and opportunities, aiming for maximum effective utilization of aid and assistance.

“The broad aim of the forum is to establish an ongoing dialog with development partners as a foundation for closer, more effective and long-term development cooperation”, the President wrote.

President Mori also wrote, “With an end to Compact economic provisions on the horizon, the importance of maximizing aid effectiveness and deepening relations with our development partners cannot be over-emphasized”.

The President invited Governor Ehsa to give the welcome remarks to the Forum, along with the Speaker of FSM Congress.

For more information, write to

Bank of FSM launched Visa Debit Card and ATM

Vice President Alik L. Alik giving remarks at the launching gathering outside
the Main Branch in Pohnpei.

On September 12, the Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia launched the newest edition to its operations: the Visa Debit Card and Automated Teller Machines.

At the front of its main branch building in Pohnpei, the bank held a launching ceremony and a hands-on demonstration on the use of the Visa Debit Card and the ATM to a number of interested consumers, community leaders, patrons and government officials, including FSM Vice President Alik who gave an address.

According to its officials, BFSM has installed ATM's at all branch locations within the FSM and has been ready to assist account holders who may wish to apply for the debid card.

The new operation edition was refered to by Mr. Ian Jamison, Visa Asia-Pacific Region representative at the function as a "large economical step" for FSM and a "significant step forward for the tourism industry in Micronesia".

Mr. Ian Jamison, Visa Asia-Pacific Region representative
Having Visa Debit Card at BFSM means allowing its clients access to millions of ATM's in the world and the ability to shop over the internet in a more controlled and assured way. Moreover, having ATM's in the FSM would be a welcoming convenience to card holders visiting or making plans to visting Micronesia for all sorts of purposes.

Friday, September 21, 2012


President Mori with Vice Premier Li Keqiang in Ningxia
(photo from

September 11, 2012 (FSM Embassy, Beijing)   At the invitation of the Chinese Government, President Emanuel Manny Mori is visiting China to attend the International Investment and Trade Fair in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from 11 to 13 September 2012.  The International Fair is a national-level forum for economic and trade exchanges affording participants the opportunities to understand China’s investment and trade policies. It provided the President and his delegation the opportunity to meet with investors from China and other neighboring Asian countries, creating an environment for the FSM to showcase its foreign investment and tourism incentives. 

At the margins of the International Trade Fair, President Mori held bilateral talks with Vice Premier Li Keqiang.  In honor of the Twenty Third Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Federated States of Micronesia and the People’s Republic of China on September 11, 1989, President Mori extended his congratulations to the Chinese government through the Vice Premier.  He also extended his sincere condolences for the loss of lives and extensive damages caused by the earthquake in Yunan Province on September 7, 2012. 

The bilateral meeting is a reflection of the strong bond of friendship that the two countries enjoy under the FSM-China Model relationship.  President Mori extended his congratulations for President Hu Jintao’s leadership and assured the Vice Premier of FSM’s continued commitment and adherence to the “One China” Policy. 

President Mori expressed his sincere appreciation to Vice Premier Li for China’s contributions to the economic and social development of FSM through the provision of grant aid assistance, scholarships, technical assistance and concessional loan schemes.  The FSM hopes for further cooperation with China on some projects which have been identified and will be submitted to the Chinese Government for consideration.

President Mori also requested for the Chinese Government’s support towards the execution of an Air Service Agreement to allow Chinese air carriers to provide scheduled air services to the FSM.  It is estimated that a direct flight from Shanghai to Yap can be as short as 3.5 hours. 

In honor of President Mori’s visit, Vice Premier Li Keqiang announced a gratuitous grant in the amount of 40,000,000 RMB from China and hopes that the two sides can decide and implement projects to benefit the people of the FSM. 

Vice Premier Li complimented the FSM for its tourism potential and responded to President Mori’s invitation with his determination to visit the FSM when his schedule permits.  He further expressed his support for the execution of an Air Service Agreement with China and responded positively to President Mori’s interest to acquire a Y-12 aircraft from China. 

In Yinchuan, President Mori and his delegation toured a vocational college, horticulture farm and other cultural sites.


President Manny Mori and President of the Pohnpei’s Farmer’s Association, Mr. Willy Hawley listens to presentation at the Horticulture park.


Immediately after the conclusion of the International Trade Fair, President Mori visited the City of Xi’an in Shaanxi Province where he toured the AVIC Aircraft Manufacturing plant and other historical and cultural sites.


President Manny Mori sits inside AVIC’s MA600 with company president Jiang for an inspection tour and briefing

The FSM and China attach great importance to their relationship and look forward to greater cooperation in the years ahead. 

Accompanying President Mori to the International Trade Fair were, Deputy Secretary Samson Pretrick, Ambassador Akillino H. Susaia, Governor Johnson Elimo, Lt. Governor Marcelo Peterson, Mayor Pintas Kenneth, First Secretary Vincent Sivas and private sector representatives Mr. Johnny Arnold, Mr. Peter Garamfel, Mr. Willy Hawley, and Mr. Witson Phillip.


For further information, contact the FSM Embassy in Beijing at Ph: (86)1065324708 or e-mail address:

President Mori and Congress discuss domestic revenue matters

FSM Information Services (September 20, 2012): A special consultative meeting between President Manny Mori, Vice President Alik L. Alik, Speaker Isaac V. Figir and Members of Congress took place at noon on September 19 at the President’s Conference Room at the request of President Mori.
Opening the meeting, President Mori welcomed and thanked Congress for their willingness and went into discussing a few urgent matters.
Noting that a supplemental budget request had been submitted to Congress on September 14, the President focused the discussion on two main matters:

1.      A briefing on current information indicating that the National Government has gone over and above projected domestic revenue to be available for fiscal year 2012 due largely to increases in fisheries revenues and other current activities.

2.      Based on the foregoing information, the President solicited for reaction and desire of Congress on how to best utilize such revenues in a manner consistent with stated development plans and goals for the nation, stressing the need to “support the State Governments”.
The Leaders exchanged views with comments from Congress voiced by Speaker Figir, Senator Peter M. Christian, Senator Joseph J. Urusemal, Senator Dohsis Halbert and Senator Paliknoa K. Welly in response to the comments and inquiries made by the President.

It was agreed that a 5-member working group from both branches be tasked to make recommendations in the shorter-term period for consideration of the Leaders.  
The President also shared information on his recent trip to China during which he was extended a gratuitous grant of $40,000,000 RMB for projects to be agreed upon by both countries.  
In closing, the President reinforced earlier invitation for Members to join him at the scheduled meetings with FSM citizens in the United States on his way back from the 67th United Nations General Assembly later this month.

For more information, write to 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Finger Print Laboratory opens at FSM National Police

FSM Chief of Police Mr. Takasy Reim making a remarks at the
Finger Print Laboratory opening

FSM Information Services (September 17, 2012): The FSM National Police opened a finger print laboratory on September 11 at the National Police Office in Palikir.
According to Mr. Takasy Reim, Chief of Police, the laboratory is worth approximately $238,000 dollars, consisting of modern finger print identifying and storage technologies that will allow collaborations among law enforcement operations with enhanced capabilities.
Chief Reim thanked the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Pacific Police Development Program (PPDP) and AusAid whose contributions have enable FSM police forces to be the first among the three Micronesian nations to engage in such forensic capacity.
Mr. Frank Clair, PPDP Project Coordinator, represented the AFP at the lab opening. He said that the decision to house the lab at the FSM National Police building was made to make the service a “truly national asset” with the understanding that officers from the States will work and train at the lab on a rotational basis to gain experience that will be vital at their own stations and to overall law enforcement practice throughout the FSM.
Training at the lab will allow for sharing of finger print information and transfer of data both ways in timely manner.
“There was an acknowledgement that crime has changed, and to be effective law enforcement, we have to keep up pace with the advancement that we see in crime. This forensic laboratory is also aimed at that”, Mr. Clair said.
Mr. Clair also indicated that AFP crime labs use the same kind of tools as those installed at the lab. This will allow AFP to assist FSM Police on finger print matters should the need arise.  
Chief Reim looked to having more officers certified and become experts in finger print operations as a result of the lab in addition to the two Pohnpei State Police officers who have been previously certified.

For more information, please contact the FSM National Police at 320-2628