Friday, May 10, 2013

Leaders view investment symposium recommendations on FSM Constitution Day

FSMIS (May 10, 2013): The State and National Leaders gathered at the College of Micronesia-FSM Gymnasium this morning to view the recommendations made at the investment facilitation symposium concluded yesterday. Secretary Marion Henry, FSM Department of Resources and Development, walked the Leaders through the outcome document of the symposium and answered to a number of questions and comments made by the Leaders. The Leaders generally indicated concurrence to the recommendations. At the closing function this evening, the Leaders will formally endorse the outcome document.

In the afternoon, the State delegations and the leaders of the National Government met at the President's Conference Room for discussions on a number of topics, focusing mostly on the tax reform project, the proposed federal grant revolving fund, the opening meeting of the 2023 Planning Committee, and various activities under the topic of "burden sharing".

Here are some photos of the day's gatherings:

Vice President Alik Alik, opening the SNLC meeting at the COM-FSM Gym
Speaker Henry Falan, left, and other members of the Yap Delegation

Lt. Governor Marcelo Peterson and other Members of Pohnpei Delegation

Lt. Governor Heldart, left, heading the Chuuk Delegation.
Kosrae Governor Lyndon H. Jackson, left, with Senator Bob Skilling
Governor John Ehsa, left, chairing the conference, assisted by Secretary Henry
President Mori, center, during the latter part of the meeting

Many FSM Congress members took part in the conference including, from left, Senator George, Vice Speaker, Martin, Senator Panuelo -- and others not in the picture, such as Speaker Figir, Floor Leader Harper, Senator Aritos, Senator Mori, Senator Urusemal, Senator Welly and Senator Nethon.

From left: Chuuk AG Asor, Chuuk Lt. Gov. Heldart, Kosrae Gov. Jackson, Pohnpei Gov. Ehsa and Yap Speaker Falan
The State and National Leadership Conference is a high level meeting where the Principal Leaders of the FSM Governments sit side by side to draw attention to issues of importance to one another in manners that ranges from diplomatic etiquettes to more direct discourses. This meetings are funded and coordinated by the National Government with the Department of Resources and Development as the secretariat.

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