Friday, May 24, 2013

Most senior Member of Congress would like "more transparency"

FSMIS (May 24, 2013): During the course of budget hearing today for the three components of the FSM Office of the President, Senator Isaac V. Figir, Chairman of the Congressional Standing Committee on Ways and Means (most senior Member) noted the increase in information outputs by the FSM Public Information Office and indicated his desire that other such offices throughout the National Government follow suit in their role of informing the public.

In a country where daily progressive television, press and other forms of mainstream media are yet to be adequately operational for a number of challenging factors, the public information service arms of government branches and offices  are challenged to be more engaging and productive in light of the shared interest for transparency in service of the People's Right to be well informed.

It must be noted here that some radio coverage on government actions are provided through the public radio stations in the states and a few private stations, such as the Baptist Radio Station in Pohnpei. In many cases, these stations simply air reports made by the personnel at the information offices.
[Author's Note: In the Micronesian spirit of humility and respect, the FSM Public Information Office staff wishes to express its Thank-You to Chairman Figir for his statement and the Ways and Means Committee Members for the opportunity to testify as part of the Office of the President.

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