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October 27, 2012 (Saturday) @ 7:00 A.M.

$5.00 Registration Fee/T-Shirts to all Finishers

Medals to the Top Finishers

First prize to Overall Winner

Free Medical Check-up

Start and Finish at Palm Terrace ShoppingCenter

Proceeds will go toward MICARE Humanitarian Trust Fund

For more info, please contact MiCare @ 320-2549/3415/5865 or

FSMNOC @ 320-8914

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UN Secretary General's message on United Nations' Day, 2012

U N I T E D  N A T I O N S             N A T I O N S  U N I E S




24 October 2012

We are living through a period of profound turmoil, transition and transformation. Insecurity, inequality and intolerance are spreading. Global and national institutions are being put to the test. With so much at stake, the United Nations must keep pace across the spectrum of its activities – peace, development, human rights, the rule of law, the empowerment of the world’s women and youth.
There has been important progress on many fronts. Extreme poverty has been cut in half since the year 2000. Democratic transitions are under way in many countries. There are encouraging signs of economic growth across the developing world.
Now is the time to raise our collective ambitions. With the 2015 deadline for the Millennium Development Goals fast approaching, we must intensify our efforts to reach all of these lifesaving targets. We must prepare a bold and practical post-2015 development agenda. And we must continue to combat intolerance, save people caught in conflicts and establish lasting peace.
The United Nations is not just a meeting place for diplomats. The United Nations is a peacekeeper disarming fighters, a health worker distributing medicine, a relief team aiding refugees, a human rights expert helping deliver justice.
In carrying out this global mission we rely on countless friends and supporters. Non-governmental organizations, scientists, scholars, philanthropists, religious leaders, business executives and concerned citizens are critical to our success. No single leader, country or institution can do everything. But each of us, in our own way, can do something.
On this UN Day, let us reaffirm our individual commitment and our collective resolve to live up to the ideals of the United Nations Charter and build a better world for all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

President Mori on success stories in FSM migrant survey

President Mori asked FSM citizens throughout the United States to share  their success stories with the government agents back home and in the United States. The recently completed survey of FSM migrants shows some stories but the President contended that not enough of those kinds of stories are being shared in the survey.

The President made this statement during his September/Ocotober visits to certain communities in Missouri, Washington, Oregon and California.

Sec. Clinton on ship rider program and WWII-unexploded bombs in Pacific.AVI

Secretary Hillary Clinton at one of her public addresses during the 43rd Pacific Island Forum meetings held in the Cook Islands in August, 2012, spoke to a number of Pacific leaders regarding the United States focus on Asia-Pacific region with emphasis on the "Pacific" part.

In this above clip, Secretary Clinton stresses US committment to help "clean up" unexploded WWII bombs, shells and ordinances in parts of the Pacific for security and prosperity purposes after describing the benefits of the ship-rider program.

A letter to Dr. Michael Droge Ph.D., Park University President

President Mori (right) and Dr. Droge, President of Park University at the
university Administration Office, September 30, 2012
President Manny Mori sent a letter to Dr. Michael Droge  on October 18, thanking him and his colleagues, Dr. Thimios Zaharopolulos and Mr. Michael Hernandez, for their hospitality in receiving him and his delegation and hosting the President's meeting with FSM citizens in Kansas City at the Park University campus church nearly a month ago.
"... Park University has contributed enormously to the education and training of so many of our citizens, including sitting members of my Cabinet. And, we are very proud and thankful that many more of our young people are attending Park University",  President Mori expressed in his letter.
Currently, around sixteen (16) FSM young men and women from Kosrae and Pohnpei are attending the university. All of them attended the meeting with FSM citizens at the campus church, which was followed by a lively dinner with the President, along with the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lorin S. Robert.
President Mori also mentioned that many FSM graduates of Park University "have elected to seek gainful employment in Missouri, and no doubt have landed better paying jobs due to their good education background" -- he further stated, while indicating interest to bolster the good relationship that reaches back to the Trust Territory era.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dr. Dong-il Ahn, director of the World Health Organization -- South Pacific Office based in Suva, Fiji, presented his credentials to Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Lorin S. Robert, at the Department of Foreign Affairs Office in Palikir on October 22.

Dr. Ahn has held tenure with WHO since 1995 and was appointed Director of Pacific Technical Support/WHO Representative for the South Pacific, Suva, in January 2011.

Clockwise from top right: Ms. Wallace, Dr. Ahn, Richard from FSM WHO Liason Office. On the FSM side, Mr. Brendy Carl, Mr. Jackson Soram, Secretary Robert, and (partly visible) Mr. Marcus Samo, FSM Dept. of Health and Social Affairs during the presentation of credentials short meeting at the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs

Dr. Ahn was accompanied by Ms. Jane Wallace, senior health adviser at the Office of the WHO Representative in the South Pacific who is currently the acting Liason Officer for the WHO Liason Office in Palikir. (WHO is in the process of filling the CLO position at the Palikir Office, which also has jurisdictions in the Republic of Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.)

The WHO group later paid call on Dr. Vita A. Skilling, Dept. of Health and Social Affairs where the seat office for their presence in most of the North Pacific is nestled.

FSM upcoming Legal Holidays for October and November 2012

President Manny Mori issued a Memorandum on October 19 to all Departments, Offices and Agencies of the National Government, affirming the following days as Legal Holidays to be observed by the FSM Government.

1. Wednesday, October 24 -- United Nation's Day;

2. Saturday, November 3 -- FSM Independence Day (to be observed on Friday, November 2);

3. Sunday, November 11 -- FSM Veterans of Foreign Wars Day ( to be observed on Monday, November 12).

As permissible by law, employees required to work during holidays shall be entitled to holiday pay.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Formal Information to all State Governors in FSM regarding SNLC

President Manny Mori sent a formal information document to all four Governors in the FSM on October 16 regarding the State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC) slated to take place on November 5-6, 2012.

President Mori said the conference will be held prior to the Development Partners Forum (Nov. 7-8) so that FSM could coordinate its "priorities to be articulated to our Development Partners on a roadmap for technical assistance in our priority sectors to achieve our Beyond 2023 objectives".

A number of Development Parners have been invited to join the forum including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank and others. (Specific partners will be named when participation is confirmed.)

The Department of Resources and Development is the organizing office (secretariat) for the SNLC while the Office of SBOC is secretariat for the Development Partners Forum.

For questions, write

Mr. Kensley Ikosia: newest addition to President Mori’s cabinet

President Mori administering the oath of office to Mr. Ikosia
FSM Information Services (October 19, 2012): The swear in ceremony for Mr. Kensley Ikosia, Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration, took place on October 15 when President Manny Mori administered the oath of office at the President’s Conference Room, witnessed by other cabinet members, staff from various departments, and family members.
The addition of Mr. Ikosia to the cabinet, along with Mrs. April Dawn Skilling three days earlier, moved the long-dragged process to near completion with the post of Consul General in Honolulu yet to be occupied.

As his immediate action in organizing his new administration after given a second term by the newly organized 17th Congress on May 11, 2011, President Mori chose to retain the current Deputy Chiefs of Mission (DCM), maintaining stability and operations at the foreign missions while working with Congress on staffing his cabinet for the next four years. Responding to the urgent need to provide officials in charge as DCM at the foreign offices, during its First Regular Session, the 17th Congress confirmed Mr. Stanislaus Kensof for the FSM Embassy in Fiji; Mr. James A. Naich, FSM Embassy in Washington D.C.; Mr. Carl D. Apis, FSM Embassy in China; Mr. Renster P. Andrew, FSM Embassy in Japan and Mr. Jeem Lippwe, FSM Permanent Mission at the United Nations, New York.

Nearly two months after its first session, Congress was summoned for its First Special Session in late July by President Mori primarily to work on the 21 nominations of seven department secretaries, five ambassadors, three office directors, the Post Master General, two Consul Generals, the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Chief Public Defender and the National Public Auditor.  Out of these nominations, ten were approved on the 4th of October, seven followed two days later while the remaining four had to be let go for later action by Congress. These four were the positions of Secretary of Finance and Administration, Secretary of Justice, Ambassador to the United States and the Consul General in Hawaii. Mr. Asterio R. Takesy was renominated for the ambassadorial post on November 17 and gained favor of Congress on the 22nd of the same month.
The remaining three posts proved to have been the most critical as the President and Congress volleyed nominations and extended the review  and consultation process over fifteen months for the Department of Justice and the Department of Finance and Administration, and still going at it for the Hawaii Consul General post.  
Secretary Ikosia, the third nomination for the post that oversees the treasury of the National Government, was recruited from the Yap State Government where he had been serving as the Director of the Office of Planning and Budget for the current administration until this new assignment. He has served in a number of state and national capacities, including being the Deputy Director for the FSM Joint Compact Negotiations Secretariat, administering the work of the JCN Committee that was formed in 1997 to work on the renegotiated components of the Compact of Free Association with the United States that became effective in 2004.
During the swear in ceremony, President Mori expressed his appreciation to Congress, congratulated Mr. Ikosia and asked for collaborations from departments and offices in moving forward the next two-and-a-half years.
To have a fuller view on the status of the President’s cabinet to date, please refer to the table below.

Nomination introduced
Mr. Andrew Yatilman
Director, OEEM
Mr. Akilino Susaia
Ambassador to China
Mr. Gerson Jackson
Ambassador in Fiji
Mrs. Ginger Porter Mida
Post Master General
Mrs. Jane J. Chigiyal
Ambassador to UN
Mr. John Fritz
Ambassador to Japan
Mr. Lorin S. Robert
Secretary of Foreign Affairs
Mr. Marion Henry
Secretary of R&D
Mr. Robert Ruecho
Consul General, Guam
Mr. Samson Pretrick
Deputy Secretary, DFA
Mr. Albert T. Welly
Director, Election Office
Ms. Evelyn Adolph
Director, SBOC
Mr. Francis Itimai
Secretary, Dept. TC&I
Mr. Haser Hainrick
National Public Auditor
Mr. Julius Joey Sapelalut
Public Defender
Dr. Rufino Mauricio
Secretary, Dept. Education
Dr. Vita A. Skilling
Secretary, Dept. HSA
Mr. Asterio R. Takesy
Ambassador, USA
Mrs. April Dawn Skilling
Secretary of Justice
Mr. Kensley Ikosia
Secretary of Finance and Administration

*Resubmitted per resolution of Congress

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An announcement from the FSM Insurance Board

FSM Insurance Board


No. 12-01

(October 15, 2012)

Section 301 of the FSM Insurance Act as codified under Title 37 FSMC stipulates that no insurance business shall be carried on in the Federated States of Micronesia unless the person or company engaging in insurance business is either licensed or registered by the FSM Insurance Board. Any person engaging in insurance business in the FSM contrary to the provisions and requirements of the Act will be subject to the applicable provisions of the Act.

Following are registered insurers and respective licensed agents in the FSM:

Registered Insurers: Licensed Agents:

1. First Net Insurance Company --------------------------- Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters (FSM), Inc.

2. Dongbu Insurance Company ---------------------------- Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters (FSM), Inc.

3. NetCare Life and Health Insurance Co. --------------- Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters (FSM), Inc.

4. Pacific Indemnity Insurance Company ---------------- Actouka Executive Insurance Underwriters

Following are licensed insurance agents and brokers in the FSM:

1. AGENTS: } Moylan’s Insurance Underwriters (FSM), Inc.

} Actouka Executive Insurance Underwriters

2. BROKERS: } Oceania Insurance Company, Inc.

} Micronesia Insurance Brokers Company, Ltd.

The General Public should also note the following pending registration applications of foreign insurers:

1. Federal Insurance Company

2. Century Insurance Co., Ltd.

Statutory Mandates of the Board: (1) to regulate insurance business, (2) to undertake the licensing and supervision of insurers, insurance agents, insurance brokers, and insurance solicitors, (3) to protect the interests of policy owners, and (4) to promote the soundness, stability and development of the insurance system in the FSM.

The general public, insurance policyholders, insured residents and businesses, prospective insureds, insurers, and insurance intermediaries are encouraged to direct queries or comments to:

FSM Insurance Board

Town Plaza Building, Suite 12

P.O. Box K-2980

Kolonia, Pohnpei, FM 96941

Phone: (691) 320-3423 or 5426; Fax: (691) 320-1523


FSM National Election 2013 Timetable

Below is the link to the TIMETABLE of necessary dates to remember regarding the upcoming FSM National Election in March, 2013.

Absentee Ballot Request Form for FSM National Election

To FSM Citizens eligible voters in March 2013:

Click on the link below to get the absentee ballot request form to make a request for your absentee ballot. The process is explained on the request form.

Ikosia's oath of office

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Less than a month before FSM sits down with Development Partners

President Manny Mori continues to direct attention to the November 7-8 meeting between the FSM and its Development Partners. Today, October 16, a meeting among departments, offices and the secretariat (SBOC) of the meeting was held with the President at the President's Conference Room to walk through some preparation aspects and sustain momentum. Additionally, the Department of Resources and Development went through the general framework for the convening of the State and National Leadership Conference, which will precede the Development Partners Meeting.
After some "assignments" were given relating to a few presentation components, this body agreed to meet again on Friday this week to nail down final details. The President asked that every persons who will be involved in any aspect of the presentations or discussions be brought in at the next meeting in case there is need of their engagement.
For details on the agenda for the meeting, write to

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mrs. April Dawn Skilling sworn in as FSM Secretary of Justice

Mrs. Skilling taking her oath administered by President Mori
while Mrs. Ginger Porder Mida held the Bible
FSM Information Services (October 15, 2012): Mrs. April Dawn Skilling was sworn in by President Manny Mori on October 12 at the President’s Conference Room to be the Secretary of Justice for the FSM National Government after Congress confirmed her nomination on September 18.
Mrs. Skilling’s nomination was submitted to Congress on May 24 during the Fourth Regular Session in the wake of two previously defeated nominations for the same post.
Mrs. Skilling’s legal tenure includes being an Assistant Attorney at the Kosrae State Attorney General’s Office, a Deputy General Counsel for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in the State of Florida and, most recently, a senior attorney in the Florida State Supreme Court. She has over twenty years of legal experience with bar admissions in both the FSM and the State of Florida.
In his remarks during the swear in ceremony, President Mori said he felt “very proud to have sworn in April Dawn Skilling as the new Secretary of Justice” and made reference to the number of female officials his administration has put at the highest posts in the executive and judicial branches with support from Congress.
In her brief remarks, Mrs. Skilling expressed appreciation for the trust put in her to help the FSM and said she looked forward to working with everyone individually and collectively in moving forward.
The unanimous confirmation of Mrs. Skilling’s nomination is the sixth out of six female nominees by President Mori, inclusive of those for an Associate Justice – FSM Supreme Court, Ambassador to United Nations, Secretary of the Department of Health Services and Social Affairs, Director of SBOC and the Post Master General.
The FSM now has two female “Secretary Skilling” – an attorney running the Department of Justice and a doctor at the helm of the Department of Health Services and Social Affairs, both with marital ties to the State of Kosrae and birth origins elsewhere.

Vice President Alik heads FSM delegation to the 2012 annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group in Tokyo

FSM Embassy in Tokyo (October 15, 2012): Heading FSM delegation, Vice President Alik L. Alik arrived in Japan on October 9, 2012 to attend the 2012 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund-World Bank Group to be held on October 10-14, 2012 in Tokyo.
The IMF-World Bank Group annual meeting’s program is designed to bring together financial leaders, policy makers and top thinkers to discuss economic and development challenges facing the world today. The interactive sessions have been organized with special emphasis on the global economy, jobs and competitiveness, the euro area, growth in Asia, global health, low-income issues, inclusive growth, and sovereign risk. More than 10,000 participants are expected to attend the meeting.
On the sidelines of the annual meetings, the Vice President held bilateral meetings with the Executive Director of IMF for Asia and Pacific and the Executive Director for the World Bank. During these meetings, Vice President took the opportunity to reiterate FSM’s appreciation for the assistances and cooperation that both institutions have extended to the FSM over the years. He went further by seeking technical and financial assistance on projects including the fiber optic cable, tax reform, and climate change, and assured them that FSM will continue to collaborate with them at the regional and bilateral level.
Vice President also took the opportunity to brief them on the current situation in FSM and the upcoming Leadership Summit to be held back to back with the Donor Countries meeting in the early part of November this year, which both institutions are invited to take part.
Vice President’s delegation is comprised of Acting Secretary of Finance, Rose Nakanaga (FSM Governor to IMF and World Bank), Secretary of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure, Francis Itimai, International Finance Coordinator (Alternate Governor), Senny Phillip, and FSM Ambassador to Japan, John Fritz.

Friday, October 12, 2012

President Mori returns from tour of FSM communities in the United States

FSM Information Services (October 12, 2012): President Manny Mori has returned from a trip throughout some parts of the United States, visiting FSM citizens in the states of Missouri, Washington, Oregon and California.
After attending the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, President Mori began his visits to FSM citizens by stopping first in Missouri where three separate meetings were held in Neosho, Kansas City and Liberty where three nuns from the FSM minister as part of the operation of the Queen of Angels Monastery. Around sixteen students from Kosrae and Pohnpei attending Parks University in Missouri had the opportunity to share dinner with the President and exchanged views on various interests.
Other FSM residents of the states of Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas turned up at the meetings in Neosho and Kansas City.
In Washington, the President held meetings with two faith-based groups from Chuuk and Kosrae, both of which were also attended by a few others with no affiliation to the churches.
Moving to Oregon, where most of the 24,000* FSM citizens in US mainland reside, President Mori addressed the Portland City Council upon his arrival and met with the Mayor and other officials who were very appreciative of the visit. Meetings were held on the 4th and 5th in Portland and Aurora following previous meetings arrangements.
The final meeting took place in Pasadena, California with other enthusiasts driving in for hours from San Diego and the other states of Utah and Arizona, adding variety to a group featured other Asia-Pacific islanders and Americans who part took in the fiesta and lively meeting.
Common to most of the meetings was the citizens’ call for the FSM to consider establishing presence in parts of the U.S. other than Washington D.C. to service the growing numbers of citizens in need of assistance with passport matters, employment-related documents, Compact-related privileges, educational financing issues and a number of other issues that require government intervention or management.
Furthermore, it was also asserted that given the findings of the survey of citizens commissioned by the FSM Government, opening of polling places in parts of the mainland USA is in order to allow the many citizens the chance to securely exercise their right to vote and participate in home affairs.
President Mori assured the citizens that their inputs and recommendations would be seriously considered as part of the purposes for which the recently conducted survey was commissioned. The citizens were also encouraged to utilize possible ways of communicating with leaders back home, especially their FSM Congress delegations who also hold strong stake in bringing forth their requests and suggestions.
Joining the President at his meetings were Secretary of Foreign Affairs Mr. Lorin Robert;  Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta of the U.S. Department of Interior; Ambassador Asterio Takesy from FSM Embassy in D.C.; Senator Tiwiter Aritos, Senator Roger S. Mori and Senator Bonsiano “Fasi” Nethon of the FSM Congress; Assistant Secretary Rose Naganaka, FSM Department of Finance and Administration; Mr. Patrick McKenzie, Director of NORMA; Mr. James Naich and Mr. Dominic Maluchmai from the FSM Embassy in D.C.; Mr. Alfred Ansin, FSM Congress staff member; and Mr. Marcellus J. Akapito from the FSM Public Information Office.
Senator Wesley W. Simina joined in at the Pasadena meeting.

*This number was reported during briefings by Ambassador Takesy regarding the FSM-commissioned household survey of FSM citizens in the United States and territories concluded about a month ago. The published report has not been released, pending official endorsement by the FSM Government.

For more information, write to Mr. Akapito at or