Monday, May 27, 2013

President Mori to give the “State of the Nation Message” on May 29

FSMIS (May 27, 2013): President Manny Mori has acknowledged with appreciation Congress’ flexibility in allowing him to present the State of the Nation message during this first regular session of the new Congress. 

“I greatly appreciate your positive response, and your flexibility in accommodating my timing requirements. As such, I have decided I have decided to deliver the State of the Nation message to Congress and our Country this Wednesday, May 29.”

Join efforts by staff from both branches will be mobilized to ensure the general public is provided with live radio broadcast of the President’s address. 

Broadcasts of all the public stations throughout the country are streamed to the internet through FSM Telecom’s for listeners abroad. 

For inquiries, call 320-2548 - email or .

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