Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day 2013: Remembering FSM's Fallen Heros

Through coordination under the FSM Department of Foreign, with assistance from the US Embassy in Pohnpei, a Memorial Day solemn ceremony took place at the Pohnpei International Airport remembering FSM's fallen heroes. Nine photos of FSM citizens who died serving in the US Armed Forces have been on display at the airport for over a year. The parents of the late Sergeant Sapuro B. Nena unveiled the newest addition to the photo display, making total of ten. An official release from the department will be forthcoming.

Sapuro B. Nena's parents unveiling his memorial photo (photo by U.S. Embassy staff)
President Mori placing a flower wreath in honor of fallen Micronesian Heroes

Lt. Governor Marcelo Peterson (Pohnpei), himself a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces, giving a welcoming remark...

RDML Tilgham Payne, Commander, U.S. Defense Representative Guam/CNMI/FSM/Palau was also at the Memorial Day gathering.

A view of the Memorial Day gathering from the side of the arrival section of the Pohnpei International Airport. A handful of citizens were there to join families of the fallen heroes, whose wall pictures are visible here, in remembering and paying respect to the high sacrifice made by these ten beloved Micronesians.

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