Thursday, May 16, 2013

FSM Overseas Development Assistance policy to be reviewed by Congress

FSMIS (May 16, 2013): The FSM Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) Policy, formulated through broad stakeholder consultations throughout the state and national governments, was transmitted to Congress on May 15 for review and adoption. The policy establishes development assistance management approaches with the aim of maximizing stakeholders' benefits.

"For the FSM this involves positive, sustainable outcomes for individuals, communities, organizations, and governments. For our development partners, it means effective use of resources and strengthened relationship with the FSM", Vice President Alik Alik explains in the transmittal letter to Congress.

"With the policy, the FSM aims to introduce structure where it is needed; ensure that the right stakeholders are involved at the right decision-making junctures; reduce confusion and unnecessary bottlenecks; and, streamline processes wherever appropriate", Vice President concludes.

The Division of ODA at the Office of Statistics, Budget and Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management (SBOC) is the lead office in the formulation (and perhaps implementation aspects) of the policy.

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