Friday, May 24, 2013

Congress deliberates on a proposed "FSM Chemical Weapons Act"

FSMIS (May 24, 2013): In today's meeting, Congress passed in first reading Congressional Bill No. 18-01 jointly assigned to the Standing Committee on Judiciary and Governmental Operation (J&GO) and the Standing Committee on External Affairs (Ex.Aff.).

The bill proposes to create a new Chapter 13 in Title 11 of the Code of the Federated States of Micronesia,  providing provisions for the implementation of the Chemical Weapons Convention at the national level.

Part of the J&GO Standing Committee Report No. 18-03 states:

The FSM National Government elected to join the Chemical Weapons Convention. Your Committee thus sees the enforcement of that accord as a necessity. Passage of the legislation is a step in that direction. 

The FSM first elected to join the convention in 1993.

Also according to the report, the FSM Department of Justice "is made the 'National Authority' on chemical weapons", permitting the Secretary of Justice to "cooperate and collaborate with foreign states, international organizations and entities, and foreign authorities" with a requirement that notifications of such cooperation be provided to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The text of the bill is in the link below.

The 18th FSM Congress has reached the 13th day of its First Regular Session today with committee hearings well underway on the FY14 Recommended Budget submitted by President Manny Mori last month.

The review of the comprehensive budget for the National Government has to be completed prior to September 30th to allow for a smooth transition into the next fiscal year and prevent breakdown of government services.

For further information, visit the FSM Congress website as managed by the FSM Congress Public Information Office.

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