Monday, July 29, 2013

Chief Justic Yinug to designate FSM Supreme Court representative on Services and Investment Facilitation subcommittee

FSMIS (July 29, 2013): As the Chairman of the Federated States of Micronesia National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC), Vice President Alik L. Alik has made correspondence with FSM Chief Justice Martin G. Yinug regarding the request for the FSM Supreme Court to be represented on the NTFC subcommittee on Services and Investment Facilitation.

According to Vice President Alik, the Services and Investment Facilitation Subcommittee is tentatively proposed to comprise of representatives from the following entities:

The FSM Association of Chambers of Commerce
The FSM Development Bank
The FSM Department of Finance and Administration
The FSM Department of Justice
The FSM Department of Resources and Development
The FSM Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure
The FSM Banking Board
The FSM Insurance Board
The FSM National Oceanic Resources and Management Authority
The FSM Office of SBOC
The FSM Supreme Court

The creation of the subcommittee resulted from recommendations made at the Third FSM Investment Facilitation Symposium and adopted at the Sixth State and National Leadership Conference (SNLC), both during the month of May, 2013.

Among its duties, as explained by the Vice President, the subcommittee will:

Follow-up and monitor the implementation of options and strategies adopted at the Symposium and endorsed by the SNLC;
Mobilize all resources that are necessary for the implementation of the options and strategies on investment facilitation; and
Provide any other policy advice on investment facilitation-related matters as may be required from time to time by the National or any of the Sate Governments.

It is also expected that the subcommittee will regularly consult with government agencies, the private sector, ngo's and other stakeholders as the FSM progresses in cross-cutting strengthening and updating of investment facilitation programs, policies and legislation.

For more information, email or call the FSM Public Information Office at 320-2548.

FSM workshop on Nagoya Protocol Access and Benefit Sharing

FSMIS (July 29, 2013): The Federated States of Micronesia Department of Resources and Development (FSMR&D) along with its Development Partners on the Nagoya Protocol Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS)  will be conducting a multi-stakeholder workshop to increase ABS awareness in the FSM and advance policy and implementation measures in relation to FSM’s Nagoya Protocol ABS obligations.

According to information from FSMR&D, the workshop and “consultation with relevant stakeholders” will contribute to the formulation of ABS policy framework for the FSM. To this end, departments, offices and agencies have been invited to participate and contribute at the August 5 to 7 workshop.

The website on Convention on Biological Diversity,, shows that the Nagoya Protocol ABS, adopted on November 29, 2010 in Nagoya, Japan, is a supplementary agreement to the Convention on Biological Diversity. As its main objective, the protocol provides a legal framework for the “fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources”.  

 In accordance with its Article 32, the Protocol was opened for signature by Parties to the Convention from 2 February 2011 to 1 February 2012 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  FSM signed on 11 January 2012 and ratified on 30 January 2013.  The Protocol will enter into force on the ninetieth day after the date of deposit of the 50th instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession (Article 33).

Further information on the draft agenda overview for the upcoming ABS workshop in the FSM includes topics for introduction to ABS and legal concepts, intellectual property rights and genetic resources, protection of traditional knowledge, and a range of other ABS related discussions as well as other related experiences from Asia and ACP (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) countries.

For further information on the workshop, email Assistant Secretary Alissa Takesy via or call her at 320-2646.

Request for Bid for Medical Specialty Services

(Opening date: October 1, 2012 and closing date: January 8, 2013 or until filled)

1.   General

The Department of Health and Social Affairs (HSA) of the FSM National Government (hereinafter referred as “government”) hereby solicits bid from interested companies (hereinafter referred as “applicants”) to provide specialty medical services in ophthalmology & optometry, ENT, dentistry, cardiology, orthopedics, OB/GYN and urology in any or all the FSM States of Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap and Kosrae.  Preference will be given to applicant who demonstrates ability to provide health care to patients in all four FSM States.

2.   Eligibility

Group or individuals who are in good standing or who are licensed to practice medicine in the FSM.

3.   Format of Bid Submission

Applicant may submit a bid in any generally accepted style and format as long as it provides the necessary information as follows:

1.    Name and Address of Agency
2.    Telephone and Facsimile numbers, including contact email addresses and website, if any.
3.    Name, address and email address of the contact person.
4.    Detailed estimate of cost
5.    Evidence that the company has all the necessary resources to provide the above specialty care.
6.    A signed cover letter from the responsible officer.

4.    Submission

Bid must be received at the address below:

Dr. Vita A Skilling
Department of Health and Social Affairs
FSM National Government
Palikir, Pohnpei   FM  96941

Phone:          691 320 2619
Fax:             691 320 5263

Bid can also be sent to or fax to (691) 320-5263.  Bid must be received no later than January 8, 2013.

5.    Final Approval

Government reserves the right to reject all or part(s) of any bid submitted.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

President Mori receives India’s fourth Ambassador to FSM, H.E. Amit Dasgupta

President Mori, left, receiving credentials from Ambassador Dasgupta of India

FSMIS (July 25, 2013): In the morning of the 24th of July, President Manny Mori received H.E. Amit Dasgupta as the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of India to the FSM.

As part of credential presentation, Ambassador Dasgupta presented the letter of recall for his predecessor and his letter of credence for acceptance by President Mori on this day, making him the fourth Indian Ambassador to the FSM since the establishment of FSM-India diplomatic relations in November, 1996.
President Mori welcomed Ambassador Dascupta to the FSM and noted his being a graduate of Xavier College in Calcutta. As a graduate of Xavier High School in Chuuk, President Mori noticed the similarity right away.

The President reiterated his appreciation to the Government of India for its financial support to the FSM, in particular, the assistance that enabled the procurement of machineries at the Coconut Development Authority (CDA). He also complimented the Ambassador on his newly published books, stating his interest to obtain a copy of his latest non-fiction – “Why we do what we do”.
Ambassador Dasgupta conveyed greetings from the President of India and expressed his gratitude to President Mori for receiving him and for his personal interest in his latest writings. He also conveyed best regards from his predecessor, Ambassador Kumar, whose tenure began in June 2010 and ended earlier this day.

President Mori and Ambassador Dascupta exchanged views and comments on a number of issues of mutual interest to FSM and India including discussions on coconut bi-product development and marketing, medicine, agriculture and climate change.

On the finance side, President Mori spoke about the need for mentoring in development of small business financing and implementation and banking-related issues for entrepreneurs.

The President underscored the four priority development sectors of energy, tourism, agriculture and fisheries and highlighted current movement for bolstering planning and development activities leading to 2023, the termination year for economic assistance under the Compact of Free Association with the United States.
By way of information, Ambassador Dascupta spoke of India’s intension to finance a foreign affairs training in Palau and a climate change forum in the FSM in the near future, bringing together officials from FSM, Palau and the Marshall Islands to sharpen expertise and strengthen regional collaboration.
The President and Ambassador assured each other to meet again in the Marshall Islands next month at the meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum.

Witnessing the short ceremony were Secretary Lorin S. Robert, Department of Foreign Affairs; Secretary Marion Henry, Department of Resources and Development, Chief of Staff Leo Falcam Jr.; representatives of the FSM Coconut Development Authority and the FSM Petroleum Corporation; and Foreign Affairs Deputy Secretary Samson Pretrick  along with other staff from  the Department.

The Manila-based Ambassador also covers Indian relations with the Republic of Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

For more information, email or call FSM Public Information Office at 320-2548.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why we do what we do

After his Presentation of Credentials as the new Ambassador of India to the FSM, Ambassador Amit Dasgupta engaged in discussions with President Manny Mori. At some point during their discussion, the Ambassador responded to questions regarding his new non-fiction book, "why we do what we do".

A release on the Presentation of Credentials and the official discussions is forthcoming.

Controlled ozone-depleting substances training throughout the FSM

FSMIS (July 24, 2013): FSM President Manny Mori has informed the Governors of the States of Chuuk, Yap and Kosrae of upcoming trainings in their respective states on controlled ozone-depleting substances (ODS) for customs officers, law enforcement officers and border control personnel.

In his communication to the Governors, President Mori also extended invitations to representatives from appropriate State departments and offices, including public safety, fire, environment protection, harbor and border control as well as representatives from the private businesses who import refrigeration and air condition units (RAC) and ice making machines to take advantage of the opportunity.

The trainings will take place from July 24-25 in Chuuk State, July 29-30 in Yap State, and August 6-7 in Kosrae State.

According to information provided to the President's Office, an Institutional Strengthening assistance from the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) supporting the FSM Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM) in this technical area helped facilitate the planning and eventual undertaking of these trainings.

For further information, email or call the OEEM at 320-8814.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pohnpei Seaport seeks funding for facility upgrade: $17.1 million project

FSMIS (July 23, 2013): On the 19th of July, FSM President Manny Mori transmitted to Congress a loan package for Pohnpei State in the total amount of $17.1 million for the upgrade of the Pohnpei Seaport facilities in Dekehtik.

The proposed project aims at accessing $16.4 million concessional loan from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). $0.7 million is to be sourced by Pohnpei State.

The project will lengthen the current 328-meter seaport by another 173 meters to ease congestion and create capacity to accommodate more commercial ships. Specifically, it will avail new passenger terminal, transport interchange and a port control room. Additional navigation aids, separate access for cargo handling as well as access for persons with disabilities will be put in place.

"This project will further bring the Pohnpei port in compliance with International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code as a result of improved services and facilities", President Mori indicated in his July 19 communication to Congress.

Pohnpei State packaged the project as part of economic development and capital improvement endeavors for which the Governor has been authorized by the State Legislature to negotiate loan packages on the credit of the State.

For the purposes of project, the FSM Congress has been requested to grant an authorization for the  President to "execute a sovereign guarantee with the State of Pohnpei and the Asian Development Bank" pursuant to Article IX of the FSM Constitution, guaranteeing repayment of the project loan.

The ADB requires a sovereign guarantee from the FSM National Government as a condition for approving the loan.

The FSM National Government is currently guaranteeing an ADB-loan for Yap State for the Yap State Renewable Energy Project.

For more information, please email or contact the Pohnpei Port Authority.

Monday, July 22, 2013

FSM Medicines Policy given over to Congress for endorsement

FSMIS (July 22, 2013): A July 18 transmittal to the 18th FSM Congress included the proposed Medicines Policy for review and endorsement.

FSM President Manny Mori indicated that the policy "is in line with the goals, objectives and the mandates of the FSM Strategic Development Plan of 2004 to 2023". He acknowledged the work done jointly by the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs and the World Health Organization to have such policy in place.

It was further stressed that the policy would serve as the instrument for providing guidance to the pharmaceutical sector and serve as the means to regulate quality assurance and maintenance of minimum standards in the procurement, dispensation and supply of medicine in the FSM.

For further information, please call the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs at 320-2619.

President Mori transmits to Congress a World Bank funding application for telecomunication improvement in the FSM

FSMIS (July 22, 2013): On July 19, President Manny Mori transmitted to Congress a resolution for the approval of a funding application with the World Bank for the purpose of improving telecommunication situation in the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

The FSM is seeking funding from the World Bank to enable the review and strengthening of the legal, regulatory and institutional environment of the telecommunication industry within its jurisdiction.

"The world Bank has indicated its willingness to provide the needed funding in exchange for the FSM's commitment to the project preferably by July 25, 2013", President Mori informed Congress.

Congress is asked to consider the request during this on-going First Special Session which is set to conclude by July 25, unless extended according to procedure.

For further information, email or call 320-2548.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

President Mori speaks to HAP students during summer visit

FSMIS (July 19, 2013): Over seventy students, teachers and staff of the Higher Achievement Program (HAP) summer school took advantage of the opportunity to meet FSM President Manny Mori and visit other parts of the FSM National Government facilities on the 18th of July, 2013.

HAP is a summer academic program run by Xavier High School to assist selected elementary students ready themselves for high school, especially for the Xavier High School Entrance Exam.
In Pohnpei, the HAP program is held at the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in Kolonia.
President Manny Mori welcomed the HAP students and spent some time with them in the President’s Conference Room.

The students showed enthusiasm and were excited as they asked so many questions about the President’s background, his educational experience, the challenges he has faced as the President, his view of a successful person, etc.

President Mori spoke candidly with the students, sharing about his early days at Xavier High School and his dreams for his future before finishing the University of Guam.

“I never dreamt of becoming the President of the FSM.”

A student asked how they, as students, could contribute to the success of the government. In response, the President said, “work very hard in school and do your best to be very educated”.

“Be humble as a person and a student… There is a difference between being humble and being afraid.”

students and staff give full attention
The President stressed the need to go beyond a four-year degree, saying FSM students need to strive for higher educational level to have good chance in the increasingly competitive job market.

In terms of challenges, President Mori spoke of the difficulty in getting leaders agree on priorities and issues facing the government. He also spoke of the loosed federation system and how it presented challenges in rallying action quickly on fundamental issues.

At the end of their brief session, President Mori thanked the HAP program for their service, particularly for the interest in visiting the FSM National Government on an educational trip.

For more information, call FSM Public Information Office at 320-2548 or email