Friday, October 11, 2013

Three plus One in response to invitation from Norleen Oliver, walk for health at Palikir Compound

left to right: Vicky Nimea, Norleen Oliver and Marly Jack at the end of their group fun-walk
FSMIS (Ocbtober 11, 2013): An invitation to revive a somewhat dormant health "on campus" initiative by the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs, under the care of Mrs. Norleen Oliver, was received enthusiastically through email by several staff at the FSM National Government employees at the Palikir main compound. 

At around 5:00 p.m. yesterday, that invitation became visible. 

In spite of the many responders on the internet, only three dedicated ladies and one lonely man took moved to the call and help themselves with a self-motivated fun-walk around the Palikir Capitol for nearly an hour. 

"It's a good start", exclaimed Mrs. Oliver at the end of the walk. 

In previous such initiatives, a few walkers capped their week of work with a Palikir-to-Kolonia group walk on two Friday evenings. But, those seem like years back! Now, the small group would like to ignite the same passion and call on their colleagues to get healthier with them through walking. 

These kind of "special activities" jive with increasing recent call by Pacific leaders to take up every available means to tackle the threat of non-communicable illnesses through community and government actions.

The first four responders yesterday included, Norleen Oliver andVicky Nimea from the Department of Health, Marlyn Jack from the President's Office and Felix Pelep, Department of Health.

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