Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FSM recognizes October 1st as “International Day of Older Person”

FSMIS (October 8, 2013): On September 30th, a declaration was made confirming that the Federated States of Micronesia recognizes October 1st as the international day for the Elders, the Senior Citizens of the planet.

“The older people in our community are always referred to as the well and source of knowledge and highly regarded as the foundation of families in our culture. The special needs of older people are only marginally met by various decrees, laws and government declarations. In an effort to promote awareness and understanding of some of the difficulties and challenges faced by Older People/Senior Citizens, our nation will join the global community in recognizing October 1, 2013 as “International Day of Older Persons”.

The declaration also stresses that the FSM “is committed to freedom, justice, equality and non-discrimination for all” and encourages citizens to reflect on the lives of the elders “who have paved the way” and think of ways to improve the quality of live for them.

In terms of responsibility, the care of the affairs for the elders (senior citizens) primarily falls within the jurisdiction of the Department of Health and Social Affairs.

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