Wednesday, October 23, 2013

President Mori seeks support from Yap State Leadership through Governor Anefal and Speaker Falan

FSMIS (October 23, 2013): President Manny Mori wrote to Governor Sebastian Anefal and Speaker Henry Falan of the State of Yap on October 18, seeking the two Leaders’ support on “two of the most critical goals” facing the Federated States of Micronesia.

The President has raised the level of alert on progress made on the projects for improving tax regime and telecommunication sector in the FSM. The bills for both of these projects have been under review by the FSM Congress. The passing the various tax reform measures has proven to be more difficult looking at the number of years it has taken as doing so requires actions by all the law making bodies and subsequent executive review in the federation.

“Both the Palau-Yap-Guam submarine cable system and the tax reform are on tight timelines and might fail if we cannot pass the necessary legislation promptly. As you may be aware, we are planning a Special Session of Congress for some time in November, and it is essential for us to make legislative progress on telecom liberalization and tax reform during that Special Session.”

President Mori specifically inquired of the leadership of Yap State “if there is any way Yap State can reconsider its position on the tax reform and figure out a way to join in the FSM tax reform efforts”. He also stressed his commitment to work with Congress on necessary measures that will bring about internet cable connectivity to Yap.

“I believe fiber optic connectivity and tax reform are both in the best interests of our country, and I look forward to working with the Yap State leadership and with Congress at the upcoming Special Session to make both projects a reality.” 

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