Monday, October 7, 2013

National Tobacco Control Action Plan stakeholders meeting takes place in Pohnpei

A stakeholders workshop for the Federated States of Micronesia National Tobacco Control Action Plan (NTCAP) took place in Pohnpei from 18-20 of September to develop a multisectoral NTCAP for the FSM

The workshop followed a needs-assessment assistance supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) Convention Secretariat for the international Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. FSM jointly conducted the joint needs-assessment with the Convention Secretariat in November 2012. The needs-assessment report was used as a reference during the workshop.

The FSM National Government participants at the workshop came from the Department of Health & Social Affairs (DOHSA); Department  of Resources and Development; Department of Finance and Administration; Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure, Office of Environment and Emergency Management;  Office of Statistic, Budget and Economic Management, Overseas Development Assistance and Compact Management (SBOC); Department of Education and the  Department of Foreign Affairs.   

Participants form the State Governments came from the Attorney General’s Offices and staff members from both the Legislative and Judiciary Branches.

Various civil society representatives were in attendance in their various capacities, including memberships on the Tobacco Control Coalitions from both the National and States levels. The Secretary of Health and Social Affairs, Dr. Vita Skilling, and the Assistant Secretary, Mr. Marcus Samo, took time to also witness the meeting.  

In her keynote remark, Secretary Skilling emphasized the importance of the needs assessment exercise and encouraged the participants to develop a comprehensive National Action Plan addressing the tobacco control priorities in the country. She underscored how such an Action Plan will serve as a tool in bridging the gap between health education on community tobacco control and how that education process impacts the population.

The FSM President Manny Mori had approved the establishment of a Tobacco Control Advisory Council (TCAC) as a multisectoral national coordination mechanism to implement the WHO Framework Convention.

As its main outcomes, the workshop resulted in the creation of the following : (1) a draft FSM National Action Plan to implement the Framework Convention with 4 modified Action Plan developed by the States participants included as annexes; (2) one resolution endorsed and signed by the heads of delegations, participating States Senators,  government agencies, NGOs and Attorney Generals’ Offices calling for an increase on tobacco import tax and the allocation of 5% of collected tax to support the Tobacco Control Program; (3) one Tobacco Control Advisory Council; (4) strengthening of the stakeholders knowledge of the FCTC and the ways to put in action its various objectives.

For further information, email Ms. Shra L. Alik, FSM Department of Health & Social Affairs at or contact by phone number (691)320-2643.

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