Friday, October 11, 2013

FSM Postal Services puts in tracking capacity and installs new boxes

FSMIS/FSM Post Office (October 11, 2013): Recently, the Federated States of Micronesia Postal Services Office installed some 1095 new P.O. Boxes at its station in Chuuk State. Installment is expected to be completed very soon. The boxes will be ready for public use upon completion of installment processes.

The FSM Post Master General (PMG), Mrs. Ginger Porder Mida, has indicated that a new box rental rate system-wide will be in effect in the near future.

PMG Mida also confirms that the FSM Post Office is working on ensuring the capability to track out-going and incoming packages. The office intends to have this service ability by the month of November, 2013.

In the State of Kosrae, a new Post Office facility is being constructed in the State Capital on Lelu. While awaiting the completion of this project, all postal service operations are temporarily located at Weiyak in Tafunsak Municipality.

PMG Mida attended a hearing at the Chuuk State Legislature on September 28 regarding a State Resolution calling for the creation of a post office substation on Tolensom Island in Chuuk State. There has been no conclusive progress made on this resolution.

Madame Mida says through email that all the offices throughout the Nation “will soon have the same color” that creates a new image for the FSM Postal Services as maturing operation. That new image is patterned after the color of the FSM Flag: blue and white.

For inquiry, contact the FSM Postal Services Office at 320-2614 or email

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