Friday, October 11, 2013

New video camera for the FSM Information Office finally arrives after long wait

It seems so simple but yet it has been so difficult to actually get our hands on in reasonable time. At this modern age, one would think that procuring equipment like this video camera should only take at most two weeks to get from a foreign distributor to a Micronesian user in Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap or Kosrae.

The old camera for the FSM Information Office broke down during the last FSM State and National Leadership Conference eleven months ago. We searched on-line for a replacement and identified this one. Then headaches began!

We were told we couldn't order the item on-line. The office funds are so protected we could not undertake on-line purchase to move fast. I was instructed to go through the procurement section of the Department of Finance. Several beauracratic nuances, including basic human indifference resulted in delay.

Another headache. Our office explored the option of ordering through local private companies. The price
quota provided by one of them would have been enough for me to take three round-trips to Honolulu. Another one demanded upfront payment before ordering. I had to reconsider. Meanwhile, the video service for FSMPIO shamefully defaulted, unable to cover so many great activities including official meetings for Principal Leaders at the FSM National Government.

Cut the story short, we took our last shot with a new electronics company in town. Not only was the price so identical to what we noticed on-line. They delivered the item, from off-island distributor to their counter in Kolonia, in less than two weeks! (Or maybe two weeks.)

Thankfully, our damaged video camera is now replaced with a pretty handy nxcam that instantly stores in digital format.

So many factors for the long delay are not mentioned. As the lead office staff, I ultimately bare the blame for the delay. 

No one should accept this level of inefficiency! There is chance to improve for the better if the will is there. The company in town deserves twenty thumbs-up for being fair and efficient!

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