Friday, October 11, 2013

FSM Information invited to a Pohnpei State press conference

FSMIS (November 11, 2013): The FSM Information staff took part in a live press conference for  Pohnpei State Governor John Ehsa at the Governor’s Conference Room on Wednesday, October 9.

During the conference, Governor Ehsa outlined upcoming events and projects that relate directly to core activities regarding women, youth and senior citizens of Pohnpei.

The Governor stressed that through coordination from the Pohnpei State Office of Social Affairs (OSA), necessary steps will be taken to officially charter the Pohnpei Women Association Council (PWAC), Pohnpei Youth Council (PYC) and Pohnpei Senior Citizen Association (PSA) to provide these non-government organizations (NGOs) with the legal framework to guide their operations. This framework could provide guidelines for these and any NGOs to engage in lawful activities and access professional development and related aims in their vital undertakings.

In support of ongoing improvement of the NGOs, Governor Ehsa highlighted initiatives in working with the PWAC as an example. According to the Governor, a newly renovated facility will be the center of all women activities where PWAC members will be able to work with the Department of Health officials with health concerns such as battling diabetes. Among other concerns, the significance of events such as the International Women’s Day and Women Health Week were also raised.

Gov. Ehsa also called attention to a wide variety of events for Pohnpei Youth. Among these events, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) held a grant writing workshop designed to train the youth to become successful grant writers. Fifty seven youth leaders were in attendance. The Student Exchange Program also launched a project, coordinating student exchanges between Japan and certain schools in Pohnpei. This kind of activity is administered to expose youth students to other ways of life through intercultural learning experiences. He also spoke on other events that offered opportunities for leadership development in health, drug awareness and community involvement.

ctivities concerning senior citizens included ceremonies, art, local music, the demonstration of Sakau en Pohnpei and other events that promote the showcasing of cultural and traditional practices. Future plans for improvement included a new id for senior citizens, a Christmas Program and the launching of a health day. The Governor said that the planning of these projects is currently underway.

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