Wednesday, October 16, 2013

FSS Micronesia proudly participates at International Fleet Review in Australia

FSMIS (October 16, 2013): On October 4th, the FSS Micronesia took part in an International Fleet Review (IFR) that highlighted the centenary of the first entry of the Royal Australian Navy fleet into Sydney on October 4, 1913.

In 2011, the Royal Australian Navy invited over 50 nations to send a ship to participate in the fleet review. The FSM was one of the three selected among other Pacific Island nations to send a patrol boat.

The 2013 IFR brought together warships from seventeen nations who added to the celebrations of what is considered a milestone in Australia’s maturity as a nation.

The participation of the FSS Micronesia was unique as it was the only non-warship that sailed into the Sydney Harbor, proudly displaying the FSM flag.

A Commander Officer of VOEA SAVEA Tonga Patrol Boat commented, “I am impressed with the skills and knowledge of the Commander Officer and the Crew of FSS Micronesia. As a non-warship their performance was impressive.”

Aside from maintaining good working relationships with Australia and the Pacific nations, the FSM Maritime Surveillance Unit, through the participation of the FSS Micronesia, foresaw tremendous gains in joining such IFR exercise.

Among other benefits, the review contributed to building relationships, improving existing line of communication for the Pacific Patrol Boat Program and showcasing the capabilities of the FSM patrol boats internationally.

Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Kodak David, FSS Micronesia departed Pohnpei on September 13 with fourteen crew members and officers, making her way to Australia for the event.  

They arrived in Cairns, Australia on the 20th and left three days later in the company of the Australian warship HMAS Broome, The Kingdom of Tongan warship VOEA Savea and Papua New Guinea warships HMPNGS Dreger and HMPNGS Rabaul.

On the transit from Cairns to Sydney, the group conducted OOW Maneuver formation stations where FSS Micronesia proofed her ability in international scheme maneuvers before arriving Sydney on the 29th in time for the big occasion.

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