Wednesday, October 23, 2013

President Mori signs Outer Islands Airport Improvement law and two other measures

FSMIS (October 23, 2013): President Manny Mori said he signed three Congressional Acts into law today “grudgingly”.  

Congressional Act No. 18-21 and Congressional Acts No. 18-23 change the use of funds previously appropriated for public projects in Chuuk State and Pohnpei State. The former deals with funds originally appropriated during the 16th Congress under an allocation that became law on January 21, 2011. The latter deals with a public law that first became effective on June 15, 2012 during the 17th Congress.

For both measures, the President pointed to the lack of committee reports explaining the rationale for shifting funds or changing their uses. He has consistently urged Congress to exercise more transparency in formulating their projects by conducting public hearing that would involve other parties who will play a role in implementing and receiving the projects and programs.

The third item is Congressional Act No. 18-22, which has become FSM Public Law No. 18-22.

The President expressed in his signing message:

“The Congressional Act changes the use of $1,000,000 appropriated for capital project for the Outer Island Airport Upgrade in order to allow the Seaport Upgrade. Deep down in m y heart I know this amount of money is too small to upgrade both the seaports and airports at the same time. We are actively seeking ODA funding to satisfy both of these very essential infrastructures. I urge Congress to continue its funding support for these kinds of projects in the subsequent budget allocation. I thank Congress for passing the Congressional Act.”

These new public laws will soon be available on the site. 

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