Thursday, October 24, 2013

APT Telecenter destined for Woleai Atoll in Yap

FSM TC&I (October 23, 2013): In March of 2012, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) by request of the FSM Department of TC&I, under the Human Resources Development Program and funded by the Government of Japan Extra-Budgetary Contribution to APT has selected the Federated States of Micronesia as recipient of US Dollars $56, 000 Grant in-Aide to establish a Telecenter (Internet Access) at the Dispensary (Health Clinic) and High School on Woleai Atoll, Yap State.  This is a pilot project to connect rural communities to Internet via Pac-Tel V-Sat Satellite System.

This small scale ICT Project is a joint multi-partnership and cooperative effort between APT and Government of Japan (as the donors) and the National Government (Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure-as leading agency, Department of Health and Social Affairs, Yap State Health Services and Woleai Municipal Government, as the recipients.  FSM stakeholders meeting was held in Yap in January of 2012 and all relevant parties accepted and agreed to move forward with the project for Woleai Atoll. Delay of the project is due to several reasons: difficulty in delivery, installation, late arrival of some of the equipment from Australia and conflicting schedules of the ship with the overseas expert availability.   Now the schedule of the project is confirmed for February and March of 2014.

In preparation for the project implementation early next year, Mr. Yosuke Uchiyama (KDDI, Japan Rep) the Project Coordinator visited Pohnpei last week for purchasing, testing of the equipment and other necessary work for the project.  In addition, Mr. Uchiyama delivered and was accepted by Secretary Francis I. Itimai, Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure an additional 11 laptop computers donated by KDDI, Japan in support for the project.

Mr. Uchiyama will be attached to the FSM Government Mission to Woleai to install and train the locals on the use of the system.

For inquiry, contact Assistant Secretary Jolden Johnnyboy at or call him at 320-2865 

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  1. I am curious about who will be after the billing? I heard the Kosrae Telecenter is down due to th lack of funding to secure the bill.