Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kidney machines transfer awaits response from Pohnpei State Government

FSMIS (October 23, 2013): Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) President Manny Mori indicated to Governor John Ehsa in an October 18 communication that he is ready to transfer two dialysis machines from Chuuk Hospital to Pohnpei Hospital.

“I am aware that the only functioning kidney replacement unit in the FSM is in Pohnpei. I thank the leadership and health department of Pohnpei for maintaining this unit. As you probably remember, the Government of Israel donated 2 kidney dialysis units to Chuuk Hospital a little over 2 years ago.”

The President is ready to transfer the two machines with understanding of the Government of Chuuk since the Chuuk Hospital is not prepared to utilize the equipments.

“In this era of Non communicable disease crises, one cannot emphasize more the importance of the preventive health and health promotion services. While we make sure that these areas are strong, we are also conscious of the importance of the appropriate management of NCD clients and provision of available services to manage the complications of the NCD’s.”

he FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs along with Chuuk Hospital staff and staff from the Pohnpei kidney dialysis unit will pack the equipments for transfer to Pohnpei Hospital after official acceptance from the Pohnpei State Government is communicated.

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