Friday, February 1, 2013

Sentencing training for judges and probation officers held in Yap

Participants: l to r, front: Hon. Carl-Worswick, Hon. Samuel, Hon. Carl, Hon Aliksa, Hon Noket, Hon. Plasman, Hon. Yinug, Hon Rodriguez, Hon. Zakios, Hon. Kenbaroy, Hon. Mugunbey
Back: Mr. Keller, Mr. Esau, Mr. Hellan, Hon. Paul, Ms. Albert, Mr. Elias, Hon. Kabua, Mr. Kennufmed, KC, Hon. Johnny, Mr. Marbey, Mr. Bailey.
FSM Supreme Court, Palikir, Pohnpei: On January 23 to January 26, 2013 a Sentencing Training was held in Colonia, Yap for judges and probation officers of the national, state and district courts of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI).

The training was sponsored by the Pacific Judicial Development Programme (PJDP) with funding assistance from the New Zealand MFAT and management oversight by the Federal Court of Australia.

This training was the first of its kind to be held in the FSM.  Usually judges and probation officer have separate trainings. Though the training was basically focused on sentencing in criminal cases, other topics related to the process during pre-conviction and post-conviction were covered such as pre-trial release, pre-sentence reporting, revocation of probation, and methods of effective monitoring of probationers, etc.

The training was a joint effort agreed to between Chief Justice Hon.Martin G. Yinug of the FSM and Chief Justice Hon. Carl B. Ingram of the RMI under the PJDP responsive fund programme. The implementation of the activity was made possible through efficient and effective management oversight and guidance provided by the PJDP Contracts Manager, Ms. Helen Burrows and her able subordinates at the Federal Court of Australia in Sydney, most especially Ms. Krystle Praestiin. The PJDP certified regional trainer and FSM National Training Coordinator, Mr. Kapilly Capelle coordinated the planning, design and delivery of the program in-country. The facilitators (trainers) for the training were Hon. James H. Plasman of the High Court of the RMI, Hon. Nickontro W. Johnny of Pohnpei Supreme Court, Chief Clerk of the FSM Supreme Court Mr. Kohsak Keller and FSM Supreme Court General Counsel Mr. Samuel Bailey, Esq., as training contents advisor.

Based on the participants’ evaluation, the overall training was rated above “very good”. By unanimous consensus the participants claimed that the contents were very relevant, most helpful, very interesting and allowed for a greater understanding of their roles. Everybody came away with positive views on the subject matter (contents), program delivery and the facilitators. By such measures, it is safe to say that the program was a great success for FSM and RMI judiciaries as well as for PJDP as a sponsor.

The following participants were awarded certificates of attendance and completion:

FSM Supreme Court

Hon. Beauleen Carl Worswick, Associate Justice

Mr. Belan Yoma, FSM Supreme Court, Chief Ombudsman

Leo Kennufmed Gorongfel, FSM Supreme Court, Ombudsman


Pohnpei State Court

Hon. Benjamin Rodriguez, Chief Justice

Hon. Yoster Carl, Associate Judge

Kiomy Albert Kilmete, Chief Probation Officer


Kosrae State Court

Hon. Aliksa Aliksa, Chief Justice

Burt Esau, Court Marshall


Chuuk State Court

Hon. Camillo Noket, Chief Justice

Hon. Repeat Samuel, Associate Judge

Mr. Alex Elias, Chief Probation Officer


Yap State Court

Hon. Cyprian Mugunbey, Associate Judge

Hon. Lawrence Kenbaroy, Associate Judge

Jeffrey Marbey, Chief Probation Officer


Republic of the Marshall Islands

Hon. Jimata Kabua, Presiding Judge, RMI District Court (RMIDC)

Hon. Milton Zakios, Associate Judge, RMIDC

Hon. Ablos Tarry Paul, Associate Judge, RMIDC

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