Friday, February 1, 2013

Chief of Staff Edward resigns: President Mori looks ahead to "challenging ventures"

FSMIS February 1, 2013: Today, Mr. Churchill Edward officially resigns from being the Chief of Staff for President Manny Mori.

Mr. Edward started his post at the President's Office right after Christmas 2012.

At a farewell lunch today, President Mori thanked Mr. Edward in front of many cabinet members for his service the past year.

Mr. Edward said that he wanted to move on to concentrate on his ventures in the private sector and told everyone that he had put in his best as the chief of staff.

In talking about the President, he said, "I admire the man for his vision and endeavors in moving us forward".

He also encouraged the cabinet members to move forward without looking to get the benefits of their hard works.

"Maybe our children or the generations to come will be blessed by the President's vision and all of us who have contributed to this, whether we are in government or the private sector", he said at the end of his thank-you remarks.

In his letter to Mr. Edward, President Mori said, "In about two years from now, I will follow your steps, leave this office and seek for other challenging ventures either in the private sector or back into the public sector but the latter  is unlikely given that I have passed the retirement age. In whatever you and I plan on doing in the future, God will be our sole guidance".

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