Thursday, February 7, 2013

Procurement of vehicle in FSM National Government FY 2014 budget not permitted

FSMIS (February 7, 2013): President Manny Mori has stated his direction on purchase of vehicle for all departments, offices and agencies of the FSM National Government during fiscal year 2014.
“The National Government has more than one hundred vehicles in its pool. As such, no vehicles will be purchased during the budget cycle of 2014”, the President instructed a February 6 memorandum.
The President also asked that an inventory listing of computers and cell phones be turned in to the Executive Budget Review Committee (EBRC) during its review.
The departments, offices and agencies were asked to submit their proposed FY2014 budget by January 31.
After the submission of proposed budgets, the EBRC will then proceed with the review of requests and make its recommendation to the President who is mandated to submit the consolidated budget request to Congress by April 1.  
The Budget Office within the Office of SBOC under Director Evelyn Adolph serves as the secretariat for the EBRC during its operation.
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