Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FSM Post Office had groundbreaking for new site in Kosrae

FSMIS (February 6, 2013): On January 31, the FSM Postal Services held a groundbreaking ceremony in Tofol, Kosrae State, marking the future post office location in the famed island of “the Sleeping Lady”.
Currently, the post office conducts operations on a property whose lease is set to expire by October of this year.  
The FSM Post Master General, Mrs. Ginger Porter Mida, now anticipates timely bidding and awarding of contracts by the FSM Department of Transportation, Communication and Infrastructure for the construction to begin soon.
During the ceremony, Governor Lyndon H. Jackson expressed support for the project, noting its vital services to the people of Kosrae. He said his administration would stand ready to assist to the extent possible. He also spoke of his belief that the people of Kosrae would “be happy” to see the new site under construction.   
FSM Congressman Paliknoa K. Welly echoed expressions of support to the FSM Postal Services, calling the project one that “moves our nation forward”. He encouraged interaction with Congress if additional assistance would be required to complete the project.
Mrs. Mida highlighted the challenges postal services in the islands face with the spread of the internet and its instant message-delivery capabilities. However, she stressed that other vital delivery services, through which essential items are sent into the FSM, cannot be replaced by the internet.
The ceremony was attended by Governor Jackson and the First Lady; Lt. Governor Carson K. Sigrah and Mrs. Sigrah; Speaker Gibson Siba and other Members of the Kosrae State Legislature; Congressman Welly, two-year term representative to the FSM Congress; Reverend Henry Noda, who did the invocation; Kosrae State Post Master Marris Jackson; other staff of the state government, other supporters and a choir from Tafunsak who sang beautifully for the occasion.  
The groundbreaking was preceded by courtesy visits to the Governor, the Speaker of the Legislature and other preparatory meetings with the Governor’s Chief of Staff Ms. Sweet Yona Tulensru beginning on January 27.

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