Thursday, February 7, 2013

President Mori endorses Kosrae’s wave power plant with caution

FSMIS (February 7, 2013): In a recent letter to Governor Lyndon H. Jackson of Kosrae State, President Mori indicated his support of Kosrae Utility Authority’s (KUA) proposed 1.5 megawatt wave power plant and congratulated KUA for its “innovative approach to renewable energy production”.
“I understand that wave energy production is a novelty and still in its development stage. It is yet to be proven as a commercially viable technology for commercial purposes. In view of this, I would recommend caution and careful analysis to ensure success”, wrote the President on January 29.
The FSM Department of Resources and Development had been directed to work with KUA and the State of Kosrae on further matters relating to the alternative source of energy generation as proposed.

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