Thursday, February 14, 2013

President Mori congratulates U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

FSMIS (February 14, 2013): On February 13, President Manny Mori sent greetings and congratulations to Secretary John Kerry, United States Department of State as he assumed the eminent role within President Barrack Obama’s Cabinet for the next four years.
President Mori said, “we are a proud partner of the United States under the Compact of Free Association, and as you assume the daunting challenges of leadership over the next four years, you can be assured of our continuing support for freedom and democracy”.
“Our two government’s collaboration, through the Compact of Free Association, remains the key to the ongoing efforts to move the FSM closer toward economic development and budgetary self-reliance by the end of the Compact grants assistance in fiscal year 2023”, the President further stated.
The President also took the opportunity to express his appreciation for a US climate-related initiative that complimented FSM’s initiative under the Montreal Protocol as a nation whose sustainability is intricately linked with proper stewardship of the environment.
“With this US initiative, I look forward to discussing how we can continue to work together given that the FSM has a similar initiative under the Montreal Protocol addressing the same issue of short-lived climate pollutants”, President Mori indicated before reiterating FSM’s gratitude and support.

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