Thursday, February 14, 2013

IOM Chief of Mission consults with President Mori on current activities

The Chief of Mission for the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the FSM and the Marshall Islands, Mr. Ashley Carl met with President Manny Mori on February 7 and reported on a number of activities that the organization has undertaken since the FSM became a member state in December, 2011.
Mr. Carl spoke about the opening of IOM’s office in Chuuk State as an enhancement of its ability to implement activities throughout the FSM with its headquarters in Pohnpei and another field office in Yap.
He also shared about the ongoing climate change and DRR education activities at some schools throughout the FSM being implemented by IOM with funding from AusAID. He said the program has been “welcomed by Micronesian teachers and students”. Visual products of this program are readily displayed at public places and also shared with schools and communities throughout the nation.
Mr. Carl highlighted IOM’s strong collaboration with the FSM Office of Environment and Emergency Management on the USAID disaster preparedness awareness program which has been ongoing for some time.
A newest edition to IOM’s undertaking in the FSM is the opening of the Migrant Resource Center (MRC) in Pohnpei. The MRC’s main service will be the  provision of cultural orientation for Micronesians relocating to the United States and awareness raising on human trafficking.
President Mori welcomed Mr. Carl and exchanged views on IOM’s activities, directing attention to the National Government’s taskforce on migration. He emphasized the need to collaborate on proper orientation to ensure the objectives of the MRC and the taskforce are aligned and adequately assist Micronesians going abroad.
The President expressed appreciation for the opportunity to hear directly from Mr. Carl on the activities that would assist FSM to strengthen disaster preparedness abilities in the communities and indicated his welcome for similar briefings in the future. 

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