Thursday, February 14, 2013

FSM launches the National Emergency Operation Center

FSMIS (February 14, 2013): After months under construction, the National Emergency Operation Center was formally dedicated on February 13 with through a ceremony that brought in officials from the National Government, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), the International Organization for Migration, visitors from the state governments who were in Pohnpei for various purposes and other supporters.
Mr. Mosese Sikuvou, Deputy Director, Disaster Reduction Program at SPC said that the FSM was one of four Pacific countries that opted to use a specific European Union (EU) funding for construction of Emergency Operation Center and procurement of equipments for the center’s operation. 
Deputy Director Mosese Sikuvou, SPC Disaster Reduction Program
“Over the last 12 months, SPC completed construction of emergency operation centers at all the four states, and we are hoping, working with you, that as soon as practicable, if not already done, this will be occupied and become fully operational”, Mr. Sikuvou said.
He also said that SPC has been working with the FSM, with support from EU, to strengthen institutional capacity building for disaster risk management.
Mr. Sikuvou spoke of activities in the pipeline that would ensure investments such as the EOC are sustained not only through new initiatives but also through strengthening existing risk management schemes that have been in place the past several years to ensure better coordination. These activities include training at the end of the month for the actual management of the center.
Speaking on behalf of President Manny Mori, Secretary of Foreign Affairs Lorin S. Robert welcomed everyone and thanked SPC and EU for enabling the renovations and construction of such centers.
“With the completion of this one in Palikir, we are grateful there is now better and improved coordination of all aspects of disaster management”, Secretary Robert said.
The Secretary also congratulated Director Andrew Yatilman and his Office of Environment and Emergency Management (OEEM) staff for the new office building into which they will soon be relocated.
Secretary Lorin S. Robert, FSM Department of Foreign Affairs
“Now we can feel safer going to sleep knowing someone is watching over us”, was Mr. Robert’s last line which prompted jolly approval from his audience.
Constructed by the APSCO in Pohnpei, the new sturdy building will be the location for OEEM which is the focal entity for environment and disaster related issue.

For further information, contact OEEM at 320-8814/8815.

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