Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unofficial Candidates list for March 5, 2013 Congressional Election

A fax to the FSM Information Office fromt the FSM National Election Office indicated the following as "unofficial" candidates list for the March 5, 2013 General Congressional Election.

Yap State:

Mr. Isaac V. Figir    --------- Incumbent

Kosrae State:

Mr. Johnson A. Asher

Mr. Paliknoa K. Welly ----- Incumbent

Pohnpei State:

   Election District No 1.

   Mr. Dohsis Halbert ------- Incumbent

   Mr. Ferney S. Perman

   Election District No 2.

   Mr. Berney Martin ------- Incumbent

   Mr. Dion G. Neth

  Election District No 3.

  Mr. David W. Panuelo --- Incumbent
Chuuk State:

  Election District No 1.

  Mr. Florencio (Singkoro) Harper -- Incumbent

  Election District No 2.

  Mr. Roger S. Mori -------- Incumbent

  Mr. Victor Vicky Gouland

  Election District No 3.

  Mrs. Augustina (Ako) Takashy

  Mr. Bonsiano Fasi Nethon -- Incumbent

  Mr. Michael M. Kanas

  Election District No 4.

  Mr. Setiro Paul

  Mr. Tiwiter Aritos ------- Incumbent

  Election District No 5.

  Mr. Moses A. Nelson

  Mr. Robson V. Romolow

  Mr. Ruphin Micky

  Mr. Tonny Otto --------- Incumbent

  Mr. Williander Jack

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