Thursday, November 15, 2012

President Mori's historic deep subsea venture in MV Alucia’s submersible

Ship crew assisting the returning submarine that took President Mori down
to 1500 feet for a historic view of Pohnpei's underwater.
FSM Information Services (November 15, 2012): After taking a tour of the various high-tech work stations aboard the MV Alucia with Mr. Raymond T. Dalio, owner of the vessel, President Manny Mori went 1500 feet underwater yesterday in a deep-diving manned submersible used for subsea explorations. He returned from what may have been a historic adventure for the  FSM President  via the vessel's five-passenger helicopter.
The famous MV Alucia has made anchorage in Pohnpei on a journey through Micronesia that will include visits to Chuuk, Yap and Palau over the next several days.
As a unique exploration and cruise vessel, a handful of adventurous visitors, many of them friends of Mr. Dalio's, have flown in to Pohnpei and took advantage of the site-seeing programs organized by its busy crew. Many of these visitors checked out Pohnpei’s well known locations at waterfalls, sampled the island’s nutritious bananas and bandanus crops and took aerial tours of the barrier reef and the famous Nan Madol site.
Scuba dives and kayaking also added more water challenges to the visiting adventurers.
While on the ship, President Mori and Mr. Dalio discussed possible collaborative engagements, given the Alucia’s experience in science-based explorations, and potential deep water studies that could benefit the FSM and contribute to greater learning on marine life.
A conservation enthusiast himself, Mr. Dalio expressed interest in further understanding of the FSM’s efforts in conservation management of its tuna stocks, tourism potential, climate change characteristics and coping practices and the impacts of fisheries with interest in maximizing potential economic returns.
At the end of his trip, President Mori gained an enhanced appreciation of the deep and was encouraged to follow through with Mr. Dalio on the array of support MV Alucia can provide to the future of the FSM.
MV Alucia has undertaken expeditions and projects in many parts of the world and continues to provide cutting-edge technological services to oceanographers, marine scientists, professional filmmakers and other professionals for high-end science projects and science-related environmental adventures.  

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