Saturday, November 17, 2012

FSM Tax Reform Information Technology Automation Program

On November 7, President Manny Mori submitted a request of $600,000 to Congress to fund FSM's matching share for the $3.2 million cost of implementing the Tax Reform IT Program over a five year period.

The requested amount is to cover FSM's share in the next two years. Total FSM share is $999,000.

"The Tax Reform Project has requested funding assistance from AusAID and it is expected that AusAID will be able to provide $2.26 million with the remaining $999,000 to come from matching funds provided by the FSM Government", the President said in his November 7 letter to Speaker Isaac V. Figir.

Additional information provided to Congress indicated that Data Torque of New Zealand has undertaken some scoping work for the project and will be the company to conduct further work, including the installation of the system-wide IT network and capacity building for agents at the FSM Unified Revenue Authority.

Data Torque is a Wellington-based New Zealand IT company that has grown in service experience since started in 1994.

As of print time, the writer is not certained on how far the request has gone with Congress.

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  1. Great step taken by President Manny Mori to support the IT field and it will help the New Zealand economy as well. I hope people will support new information technology this project.