Wednesday, November 7, 2012

(November 7): Day one of the FSM Development Partners Forum at the COM-FSM National Campus

President Manny Mori giving his remarks at the opening of the Development Partners Forum, outlining the purposes and demand for such forum for the FSM States and National Government.

Ambassador Rosen from the US Embassy in Kolonia ponders as President Mori addresses the gathering.

Ambassador Martin Quinn of Australia -- AusAid provides financial support to the hosting of the forum in the FSM.

Vice President Alik L. Alik listens intensely during one of the presentations

Speaker Isaac V. Figir, FSM Congress, avails himself to participate at the forum.

Ambassador Verghese Mathews (Ambassador of Singapore to the Pacific Islands Forum) is not only a first-timer to FSM, he was also one of the earliest to arrive on island to attend the forum.

A more complete press release on the forum will be issued once the meeting is concluded, along with a full listing of all participating partners.

The forum will end tomorrow.

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