Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wandering by Congress Chamber: "What's up with MiCare?"

Yesterday, I wandered by the FSM Congress Chamber and noticed that there was meeting. I dropped in. Apart from the Congress staff and two from Executive Branch, I could count the observers at the session on one hand.

There were only 11 Congressmen present out of 14. When I got in, they were already on "miscellaneous matters" part of their agenda -- meaning, they were about to finish the meeting.

When I took up a seat at the back, I noticed that the Senators were talking about the MiCare Health Insurance -- (Health Care  Plan for the FSM). It seemed they had been talking quite a bit about it already. I heard the Speaker (Hon. Isaac V. Figir) advising the Chairman of the Committee on Health and Social Affairs (Senator Otto), that he (Speaker) would like for the committee to conduct public hearings on MiCare in all the States. The Chairman said he would do so after his meeting with committee Members this session.

The meeting concluded not much after I turned up. I don't know what else the Senators talked about; the staff didn't bother giving me an agenda sheet as the meeting was already winding down, I guess.

 I went back to my office and dug up current information on MiCare. I noticed that President Mori had sent a proposed amendment to the MiCare law on September 6, which was picked up during the last session, the 5th Regular Session, as Congress Bill No. 17-165. (Ha, that must be it. I guess some Members of Congress have problems with the proposed changes.)

Having said all these, it could also be possible that Congress was talking of something else but I totally failed to comprehend since I came in late. Watching their meetings is always fun! I hope more FSMers make it a priority to follow along with their meetings -- for all kinds of good reasons.

Click on the link right below to read the submitted proposed changes to the MiCare law.

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