Thursday, November 29, 2012

Congress confirms the nomination of Mr. Kandhi A. Elieisar as FSM Consul General in Honolulu

During the Fourth Special Session of the 17th Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) held from November 9 to 26, the Congress unanimously confirmed President Mori’s nomination of Mr. Kandhi A. Elieisar to the post of Consul General of the FSM to the State of Hawaii, with residence in Honolulu.

Mr. Elieisar is an experienced diplomat, having worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs for over 20 years.

For his early education upbroinging, Mr. Elieisar attended Kuttu Elementary School and Namoluk Elementary School, Satawan Junior High School and Xavier High School. He furthered his education in the United States at the Rockhurst College in Kansas City, Missouri, Armstrong College in Berkeley, California, Laney College in Oakland, California and eventually graduated from the University of California in Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. He pursued his Masters Degree program in Public Administration at the California State University.

In terms of professional career, Mr. Elieisar served as Administrative Officer at the FSM Supreme Court from 1985 to1991. He joined the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1992 as a Foreign Service Officer III. During his 21-year tenure with the Department, he has served in various capacities which included Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information and Research, Deputy Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Pacific Affairs, and finally, Assistant Secretary for the Division of Asia, Pacific, Africa and Multilateral Affairs.

In his current capacity, Mr. Elieisar’s responsibilities generally encompass policy formulation regarding the FSM’s relationships with Asian, Pacific and African countries. His responsibility also covers FSM’s engagements at the multilateral level, such as the United Nations, and with Pacific-based organizations where the FSM holds membership.  To name a few of such organizations, they include the Pacific Islands Forum, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, the Forum Fisheries Agency and the South Pacific Regional Environment Program.

While being an Assistant Secretary, Mr. Elieisar also served as the Chairman of the National Oceanic Resource Management Authority (NORMA) for two years.  

Mr. Elieisar was born on April 18, 1957 on Namoluk Island of Chuuk State. He is married to Matirina Elieisar, and they have four children.

For further information, contact the FSM Department of Foreign Affairs at 320-2641 or write to

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