Thursday, November 1, 2012

FSM Offices in US Mainland in safe status coming out of Superstorm Sandy

FSM Information Services (November 1, 2012): In an October 31 email to President Manny Mori, FSM Ambassador to the United States, Mr.  Asterio Takesy, reported to the President on the status of the FSM Embassy in DC and the FSM United Nations Permanent Mission in New York in the wake of Superstorm Sandy.

“I am pleased and thankful to report that the FSM Permanent Mission at UN in NY and FSM Embassy in DC staff and their respective families came through Hurricane Sandy unharmed. Most of Manhattan was without power all of last night and some areas have been restored. Cell phone services have been restored in certain part of the city, including the area where Ambassador Chigiyal and Clement are residing. Jeem's place experienced some flooding but they are fine”, Ambassador Takesy stated.
Several people in the FSM were anxious to learn more  of their relatives and friends in the most affected parts of the United States that were ravaged by the super storm that affected a wider region inclusive of the Caribbean and parts of the US and Canada. Many of them could not be reached as communication services were affected.  

The US Federal, State and District authorities, as well as other private enterprises, have begun collaborative efforts to put in recovery measures and get assistance to affected families as officials continue to assess the destructions.
Ambassador Takesy’s email to President Mori was a welcoming relief, knowing FSM officials and their families are safe and that our offices would be able to resume operations at appropriate times after they had to close for precautionary reasons.
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