Saturday, July 20, 2013

President Mori speaks to HAP students during summer visit

FSMIS (July 19, 2013): Over seventy students, teachers and staff of the Higher Achievement Program (HAP) summer school took advantage of the opportunity to meet FSM President Manny Mori and visit other parts of the FSM National Government facilities on the 18th of July, 2013.

HAP is a summer academic program run by Xavier High School to assist selected elementary students ready themselves for high school, especially for the Xavier High School Entrance Exam.
In Pohnpei, the HAP program is held at the Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School in Kolonia.
President Manny Mori welcomed the HAP students and spent some time with them in the President’s Conference Room.

The students showed enthusiasm and were excited as they asked so many questions about the President’s background, his educational experience, the challenges he has faced as the President, his view of a successful person, etc.

President Mori spoke candidly with the students, sharing about his early days at Xavier High School and his dreams for his future before finishing the University of Guam.

“I never dreamt of becoming the President of the FSM.”

A student asked how they, as students, could contribute to the success of the government. In response, the President said, “work very hard in school and do your best to be very educated”.

“Be humble as a person and a student… There is a difference between being humble and being afraid.”

students and staff give full attention
The President stressed the need to go beyond a four-year degree, saying FSM students need to strive for higher educational level to have good chance in the increasingly competitive job market.

In terms of challenges, President Mori spoke of the difficulty in getting leaders agree on priorities and issues facing the government. He also spoke of the loosed federation system and how it presented challenges in rallying action quickly on fundamental issues.

At the end of their brief session, President Mori thanked the HAP program for their service, particularly for the interest in visiting the FSM National Government on an educational trip.

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  1. We here at HAP have much gratitude for the President and his staff for welcoming us and sharing such valuable insights with the students. Kinisou chapur ami!