Friday, July 5, 2013

8th Micronesian Games Organizing Committee intensifies preps, about 12 months to go

L-R: Mr. Mike Loyola, Mr. Anderw Minogue, Lt. Governor Marcelo Peterson, Mr. Robert Spegal and Mr. Jim Tobin

FSMIS (July 5, 2013): The Pohnpei Organizing Committee for the upcoming 8th Micronesian Games, Summer 2014, held a press conference yesterday at the FSM National Olympic Committee Office in Nett.

Lt. Governor Marcelo Peterson, Games Organizing Committee Chairman, was available at the conference along with Mr. Robert Spegal, CEO for the committee, Mr. Mike Loyola, Pohnpei Sports Office, Mr. Jim Tobin, Chairman of Competition Sub-committee of the Organizing Committee and also the Secretary General of the FSM National Olympic Committee and Mr. Andrew Minogue, Executive Director of the Pacific Games Council.

In his short briefing, Lt. Governor Peterson indicated that preparations for the 8th Micronesian Games are underway.

“It is anticipated that more than 1,200 men and women athletes from all of the Micronesian jurisdictions (the Marshall Islands, Nauru, Kiribati, Kosrae, Chuuk, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Yap and Palau) will be visiting Pohnpei to compete in at least thirteen sports, including: Athletics (track and field), Baseball, Basketball, Outrigger Canoe Racing, Softball, Micronesia All-Around, Spearfishing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.”

Lt. Governor Peterson also said that football (soccer) “is under consideration to be included if enough teams are interested to play and a playing field can be prepared in time”.
Mr. Andrew Minogue was brought in to help facilitate a Games Management Seminar that was conducted on July 2-4 and attended by members of the Games Organizing Committee and others who will play key roles in facilitating the games.

With his varied background in games organization and management, Mr. Minogue said he had assisted other places in the Pacific region without much game-hosting experience.  He said he was encouraged to see the depth of experience and commitment by so many in Pohnpei as they now come together to intensify preparations and work to ensure the games will take place as envisioned.   

The panel indicated that at this point, the key challenge for the games organizers are to nail down a well-linked budget for the games and to secure sure sponsorship from patrons and donors for the many aspects of delivering a successful game.

For the most part, competition venues used during the 2002 games will be upgraded and renovated with the aim to ensure long-term use much after the competitions are over.

The swimming pool is already in competition quality while the track for athletics is the major challenge. Other facilities are will require improvements that are believed to be well within the remaining time.

It was also emphasized that Pohnpei State will do its best to match if not surpass the level of readiness during the first time they hosted the Micronesian Games, with assistance from various sport bodies already being solicited and secured.

 The 8th Micronesian Games, according to Lt. Governor Peterson, will take up ten days, with the opening ceremony on July 19 and closing on the 29th.

For further inquiry, please email the Games Organizing Committee CEO, Mr. Robert Spegal, at

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