Monday, July 22, 2013

FSM Medicines Policy given over to Congress for endorsement

FSMIS (July 22, 2013): A July 18 transmittal to the 18th FSM Congress included the proposed Medicines Policy for review and endorsement.

FSM President Manny Mori indicated that the policy "is in line with the goals, objectives and the mandates of the FSM Strategic Development Plan of 2004 to 2023". He acknowledged the work done jointly by the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs and the World Health Organization to have such policy in place.

It was further stressed that the policy would serve as the instrument for providing guidance to the pharmaceutical sector and serve as the means to regulate quality assurance and maintenance of minimum standards in the procurement, dispensation and supply of medicine in the FSM.

For further information, please call the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs at 320-2619.

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