Thursday, July 11, 2013

Micronesian Presidents talk issues in Koror

President Manny Mori, left, President Tommy Remengesau Jr., center, and President Christopher Loeak at the plenary session of the Micronesian Presidents Summit in Koror, Palau
FSMIS (July 11, 2013): At the plenary session of the Micronesian Presidents Summit today, President Tommy Remengesau Jr. chaired the proceedings and kept an engaging interaction with his visiting counterparts from the Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands in reviewing and discussing issues of mutual concern that ranged from compact impact, telecommunications and regional airline considerations.

Among the agenda items discussed and reviewed was the on-going interest for a Palau-Yap fiber optic connectivity project. The leaders where further briefed on the challenges that prevented this project as well as other options for short-term solutions in the absence of lasting viable objectives. Apart from technological issues, the Presidents had the opportunity to hear from Mr. James Neuman from the World Bank who walked them through various financing scenarios and their conditions and requirements.
President Mori and Mr. James Neuman from the World Bank

Discussions were concluded by noon. The technical staff were then tasked to further work on the meeting outcomes for the Presidents' endorsement.

The Micronesian Presidents Summit is structured such that the Presidents are free to make changes and bring up new items for discussions as they sit down in one setting. Part of the structure is a "non-structured" forum where only the Presidents, with the assistance of one staff, informally discuss. It is expected that more "sensitive" topics are ironed out at this setting as opposed to at an open plenary.

A comprehensive report on the meeting outcomes will be available after the completion of the informal meeting on July 12.

Ms. Suzanne Lowe Gallen, FSM Office of SBOC, making a presentation on compact impact at the summit
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