Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FSM NCCCP holds annual meeting in Pohnpei

FSMIS (July 2, 2013): The FSM National Comprehensive Cancer Coalition Program (NCCCP) steering committee held its annual meeting from June 27 to 29 in Pohnpei to review the implementation and way forward for collaborated effort by cancer programs across the states. Under the lead of the NCCCP coordinator, Mr. X-ner Luther, and with assistance from others, the committee members also discussed project implementation and viewed barriers and challenges in the way of success.

Managers from other such programs under the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs were invited to give support to the NCCCP meeting and establish a unified front among all programs. The Tobacco Control Program Manager, Mrs. Shra Alik participated throughout the meeting as a way to forge stronger impact in addressing related concerns between the two programs.

When commenting on the overall purpose of the NCCCP meeting, Mr. Luther expressed satisfaction at its outcome but said he would love to see more commitment and get active overlapping response by programs and other stakeholders.

The NCCCP program will hold the same meeting around the same time next year with funding provision from grants under the US Department of Health and Human Services Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC has been a major partner-supporter for the FSM Department of Health and Social Affairs by way of grant funding provisions to a number of programs such as Tobacco Control Program, Cancer Program, HIV Program, Maternal and Child Health Program, Immunization and Vaccination Program, and others.
Participants in the NCCCP meeting included the following:

From Pohnpei: Pertina Albert, Maryrose S. Johnny, Jessicalynn Reyes and Mailani Kusto.
From Chuuk: Dr. Kino Ruben, Frita F. Irons, Adkes Epeluk and Leonardo (Matto) Erra.
From Kosrae: Senator Bob Skilling and Cecilia Sigrah.
From Yap: Martina Reichhardt, Peter Taruweipy, and Jennifer Palemar
For further information, contact Mr. Luther at 320-2619 or email XLuther@fsmhealth.fm

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