Wednesday, July 3, 2013

JICA and FSM Government confirms Report for Preparatory Survey on the Project for Improvement of Domestic Shipping Services


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               June 26, 2013
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On June 12, 2013, Minutes of Discussion on the Preparatory Survey on the Project for Improvement of Domestic Shipping Services was signed by Mr. Hiroyuki Hayashi, JICA Study Team Leader, The Honorable Lorin S. Robert, Secretary FSM Department of Foreign Affairs, as well as by the authority of Mr. Phillip Joseph, Acting Secretary of FSM Department of Transportation, Communication, and Infrastructure. Based on the series of discussions, field surveys and technical examinations of last March 2013, Mr. Hayashi along with the team, consists of JICA and Fish Engineering Co. Ltd., prepared a draft report. Contents of draft report were explained and officials of both sides, FSM Government and JICA, discussed and confirmed items. The official approval of the Government of Japan to implement the project is expected in end of July. After the approval, the next process by both sides is the Exchange of Notes which will take place sometime in August 2013.

Signing of Minutes of Discussion between JICA and FSM Government

About JICA:
JICA is an agency of the Government of Japan responsible for implementing technical cooperation, grant aid and yen loan programs of Japan’s ODA to developing countries. JICA is the world’s largest bilateral development organization, operating in some 150 countries to help some of the globe’s most vulnerable people. Its core professional staff works hand in hand with dispatched Japanese personnel, experts and volunteers and local staff in the overseas office in promoting human security which is incorporated in about a hundred on-going cooperation programs.                                  

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