Thursday, March 14, 2013

Xavier High School thanks FSM for funding support in honor of its 60th anniversary

FSMIS (March 14, 2013): Through a February 22 letter to President Manny Mori, Fr. Rich McAuliff S.J., director of Xavier High School in Chuuk, expressed gratitude to the FSM National Government for its donation of $60,000 through Public Law No. 17-74, signed on February 12, 2013.
Fr. McAuliff said, “On behalf of everyone here at Xavier – faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and especially the students of Xavier, I want to express once again, Xavier’s heartfelt thanks for the very generous donation of the FSM National Government to Xavier High School, on the occasion of our celebrating 60 years of quality education in Micronesia”.
In the letter, The Jesuit director of Xavier High also pointed to the fact that four FSM students attending Xavier recently attended the prestigious Junior Statesmen of America Program late February as an indication of the school’s commitment to quality education in Micronesia. “I hope this is a sign of evidence that the $60,000 donation to Xavier is money well spent”, Fr. McAuliff said in linking the donation to a specific learning outcome.
The donation was initiated by the FSM Congress which has four Members who trace their high school formation experience back to Mabuchi Hill, the nest for the Jesuit-run institution.
 The four Xavier students who attended the Junior Statesmen Program last month were Johnny Dhoew, Branden Yamase, Isabel Ambuyoc and K-Andrea Limol.
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