Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chuuk March 5, 2013 Congressional General Election winners declared

FSMIS (March 14, 2013): FSM Election Director Albert T. Welly provided an “Addendum to Declaration of Winning Candidates” with his March 14 letter to President Manny Mori, naming the five victorious candidates from the election districts in Chuuk State.

Winning Candidate
Total votes
(ED#1) Florencio (Singkoro) Harper
(ED#2) Victor Vicky Gouland
(ED#3) Bonciano Fasy Nethon
(ED#4) Tiwiter Aritos
(ED#5) Tony Otto

The FSM Information Office received the declaration document at around 1:30pm today.

For more information, please call the FSM National Election Office 320-7805 or write

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