Thursday, March 7, 2013

President Mori authorizes 8 hours leave for IWD celebration

President Manny Mori has authorized 8 hours administrative leave for "all FSM National Women employees" to participate with the Pohnpei Women who will celebrate the 2013 International Women Day (IWD) at the track field at PICS.

In his memo of March 5 to all department, office and agency heads, the President called the day "very significant" and said that it has been observed throughout the FSM for several years.

Likewise, the Chuuk Women Association has been preparing to celebrate the 2013 IWD through sport competitions and other fun games at the Andersen Field in Iras, Weno Island.

We wish to receive information from Yap and Kosrae on how this day would be celebrated in their respective communities.

Congratulations to all FSM women on their special day.

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